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15 month old and new house

We just moved to a new house 4 nights ago. My 15 month old has been a very good sleeper up until we moved to this new house. He is still pretty good sleeper at nap time and even slept all night last night.... He was up for 3.5 hours the second night here. He is inconsolable unless we let him run around and play. He's ok with being held for a little bit and does not want to be rocked. After trying these things we tried putting back in the crib and he just screams. Sometimes he will still scream and carry on when being held.He is getting molars and I have been giving him tylenol. I don't know what to do for him.

Re: 15 month old and new house

  • Have things changed in his new room?

    Even if it's tough, you need to try to keep things the same and keep your same routine. Give Tylenol or something for the teething and hope that passes but don't let him run around. Try to stay consistent.

  • I notice that when we go on vacation and the kiddos sleep in their packnplays in different places, it takes a few days to adjust. We really try to keep their bedtime and meal routines solid so they sort of know what to expect even though we are in a different place. So we have dinner, give them a bath, lotion them up, read a story then good night. The first night or so is usually the toughest I think, because they may wake up and be confused about where they are at, but after that it gets better. I would just be very consistent to help him learn that nighttime is for sleeping.
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