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Please help me!

we found out that we are having another little man and I am so happy! That said, I cannot find a single boys name that I like. We currently have Wyatt and Sawyer. We would like a name that fits into a western/cowboy theme with them, without being ridiculous. Not every ones cup of tea I know, but that is very much our family culture and I venture to guess you ladies will have some good ideas. I love the name Rhett but since our last name is R it doesn't feel right with the alliteration. Thanks ladies!

Re: Please help me!

  • Wyatt, Sawyer and 


  • Love the above list and would add Wayne, Jesse, Duke and Landry.
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    I'd add Lane, Dean and Carey to those listed above!
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  • Roland, Warren.
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  • I agree with the above, plus
  • Carson has a little country to it, as in Kit Carson. A lot of old west towns are named after him. I also feel like Ryder and Cole have a country feel.

  • Brooks, Austin, and Beau are all perfect choices!
  • Beau is kind of awesome with your sibset. I vote Beau.

  • My husband has said no to Austin Brooks and Beau. :( I like cooper and Calvin. There is a Carson in the family already.
  • I adore Beau. I may suggest it again. Sometimes he changes his mind.
  • I love your sons' names, and all these suggestions. I, too, enjoy the 'country' style. My DH is Hank, and our current pick for [hypothetical] #2 is Brooks. Beau is amazing too! I think I'll add: Abe/Abraham, Grady, Emmett, Ike/Isaac, Arlo, Dean and Clyde. GL!
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  • I second Duke and Wayne. Would also like to add John. :)

    John Wayne is all I think of when I think of country names. Maybe go to IMDB and look at leading make character names in old westerns.
  • I second Duke and Wayne. Would also like to add John. :)

    John Wayne is all I think of when I think of country names. Maybe go to IMDB and look at leading make character names in old westerns.


    Maybe stay away from Cherry Valance.
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  • Ooo what about Russell!!
  • Agree. Beau is awesome with your sibset. Congratulations on three sons!

  • I really like Levi, which I saw was suggested earlier.

    Some other ideas:

  • Travis, Jared, Randy, Wesley
  • Clint, Roland, and I love Cole with your sibset
  • Western? Clint or Sheldon are the first names that come to mind......
  • I love Beau.  Also Duke, Levi, Maverick, Henry, and George.

    PPs have made some great suggestions, I hope you find one you both love!
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  • Beau is on the maybe list. He didn't like the spelling but I refuse to name my kid Bo. Because body odor references. He wants to use bow. That's taking the country a little too far dh
  • I like the suggestion of Levi and I also like Colt. What about Jesse? It's very country and sounds really good with your other boys names. My other suggestion is Jasper. I love that name and it screams western to me!!
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    Did someone suggest Wyatt or Waylon as alternatives to Wayne? Levi is also a great suggestion.

    Colt makes me think of guns and I know one too many dogs named colt, so that name is kind of ruined for me. Cole on the other hand, I like and I think works better.

    Edit: I just re read your original post and saw that you already have a Wyatt, sorry. Is Waylon too similar? I like the way those names sounds together. Good luck!

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