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We came up with some options I like last night. Just thought I'd do a simple poll for opinions. I know all of them are pretty popular but we just can't seem to like anything that isn't so at this point I'm not fighting that battle. My husband isn't concerned about popularity at all- I am a little. James and Lawrence are family names. Eli is on our list but we haven't cons up with any middle names that hubby likes with it.

Boy Name Poll 119 votes

Henry James
29% 35 votes
Henry Lawrence
15% 19 votes
James Lawrence
20% 24 votes
James Francis
22% 27 votes
Eli (????)
11% 14 votes

Re: Boy Name Poll

  • I think Eli Francis or Eli James sound nice.
  • So do I but hubby wasn't a fan :-/
  • James Francis reminds me of James Franco.

    Eli Thomas
    Eli Christopher
    Eli Matthew
    Eli Benjamin
    Eli Michael
    Eli Patrick
    Eli Nicholas
    Eli William
    Eli Anthony

    Of those listed I voted James Lawrence 

  • I like Henry Lawrence
  • All great options! I voted James Lawrence but like all of your choices
  • Henry James is one of my favorite names ever, but I also like James Lawrence.
  • Eli Benjamin.
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  • I love the name Henry, it's dignified.  But then you can shorten it to Hank and he's a guy you can grab a beer with.  
  • I voted James Francis, but I think Henry Francis is super handsome and dignified sounding.
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  • Thanks! We are strongly leaning towards Henry Lawrence. I love Henry and both our other kids have middle names from my side of the family so it seems like we ought to do one from DH's side and that would be Lawrence. James is from my side.
  • I really like James but both middle names have the "s" sound ending like James does and it doesn't sound right to me.
    James Elijah
    Elijah James
    Eli James
    Maybe James Eli?
  • I'm really fond of the name Francis so I say work that in. Agree with PP that Henry Francis is great.
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  • I like the name James Lawrence
  • Henry James is a fairly well/known writer so I would skip that. I voted James Francis.
  • Henry James is a fairly well/known writer so I would skip that. I voted James Francis.
  • I like Lawrence James better than James Lawrence, but out of your choices it is my favorite.
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