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(MS) Anyone else struggling to get water down?

I am 8 +3 wks PG and MS hit me right at 6 wks and is not letting up. I am able to eat small meals limited to a few things but I am really struggling to get enough water. I can drink sprite but just worried I may end up dehydrated. Any tips??

Re: (MS) Anyone else struggling to get water down?

  • Ice chips? That's what they gave me while I was in labor with my DD when I was thirsty. (After my epidural.) hope you're given some relief soon!
  • Thanks, eating ice now. Seems to be doing the trick. Just hope i can get enough. The only things i can drink well are loaded with sugar :(
    You go in this week right?
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  • I do @ALC08 and I've begun to freak myself out symptom wise all over again. Wednesday morning can't come soon enough. :(
  • I am 12 weeks and have the same issue. I did get dehydrated enough that I was having UTI -like symptoms even though I did not have a UTI. I pretty much munch on ice all day now. I think being better hydrated has helped with my nausea, too. Good luck.
  • Could you try adding something sour like lemon? Or drinking lemonade? I survived on anything frozen for a while.
  • Thanks for the tips! Going back in this morning. [-O<
    @Plleriti1 it's almost here! Excited for you! I'll be looking for an update.
  • A friend on mine said that adding something to the water like plainJane said helps to keep it down, whether it is cucumber or oranges or lemon.  It changes the PH of it and is easier to handle.
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  • AAHHHHHH!!! Just had my 2nd U/S and baby is measuring 9 wks 3 days(almost a week ahead)!!!! :D =D> Hb was 168
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