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Dull ache + Light spotting 5 weeks

Hi girls
It's Sunday so I am going to ring the EPU tomorrow.
I've had some light pink spotting just now. A few wipes showed it on tissue. Now nothing.
Yesterday and today I've had a dull, heavy ache pain.
Have had nausea last 3 days too as well as frequently needing to wee!
I'm so scared that its the start of MC number 2.
Has anyone experienced spotting and pain, then been fine?

Re: Dull ache + Light spotting 5 weeks

  • Hi lovely, just lurking on this board and saw your post, hope alls ok? Have you been checked over? From what I've read the cramping and spotting all really normal but it must be terrifying second time round! Chin up and keep us posted xx
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    If you're concerned the best thing is to call and/or go see your obgyn.
    In general they all seem like normal symptoms. I was concerned with the same things and was nervous for my first U/S at 5weeks. After the transvaginal u/s, doc explained that the spotting was prob from implantation bleeding and dull pains were from my body's physical changes to accommodate baby.

    But call your doctor. She/he will give you the best advice and reliable info suitable to you!
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  • I am going through the same thing this morning. Had a trans vag ultrasound yesterday to confirm the pregnancy and now this morning there was a light pink color when I wipe and I have some mild cramping.

    This will be miscarriage number 4 this year if that's what is happening. Hoping for the best for you.
  • @awood04 wishing you the best for a rainbow baby.
  • Hope you are able to get some answers soon.  I had spotting off and on during my first trimester until around week 9-10.  My spotting turned out to be a result of a small subchorionic hemorrhage and a polyps on my cervix.  It was an emotional rollar coaster until they finally found the cause.  I thankfully am 14weeks now and the spotting has been gone for several weeks. 
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