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Cautiously excited? (Loss mentioned)

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hello everyone,

I can't believe I am here on this board already!! Just last month, I was on the April 2016 Moms board. We found out we were pregnant in July and on August 10, we found out we were having a miscarriage at 7 weeks. We miscarried naturally, but the whole process was scary, confusing, and hard for me. The doctor had me coming In for frequent blood tests to make sure my hcg levels returned to 0. It just made the whole thing seem so drug out and long!

Fast forward one month later...I started experiencing light spotting on September 6. I was excited because I thought it was my period and that meant my body was starting to return to normal. Then it stopped after just two days. After that I had occasional light spotting, but it was mostly brown and mixed with cm.

On Sept 10 I realized I had felt nauseous all evening, which is very unlike me. For some reason, this little realization sparked the urge to take a pregnancy test, though I was sure there was no way I'd be pregnant just one month after the loss. It came back POSITIVE after just a few seconds. I took another the following day and it was positive too! I was shocked because we were not trying (though apparently not being too careful) and I didn't know this could happen. I had my blood drawn today and will return Monday to see if my levels are rising appropriately. It's hard for them to date now, but my estimated due date is May 16. Has anyone had (or know someone) a successful pregnancy this close to a loss? Part of me is excited but most of me is terrified to get my hopes up again. I was not expecting this at all! Happy to be here with support from other moms!
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Re: Cautiously excited? (Loss mentioned)

  • Congrats and hope its a healthy sticky bean!!
  • Congrats! I am currently 17w2d with a baby boy. Had my loss and d&c may 8 (2 days before mothers day, yay) and got my BFP June 9. I was terrified, but the further along I get, the more relaxed I am. He has been wiggling around a lot tonight, so I am loving that.
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  • Ok I'm confused... u said you had a MC August 10 but u also said that's the day you were nauseated and took a test. Sorry for asking but I just want to understand.
    hoping for a sticky bean!
  • Oops. I meant September. I fixed it! Thanks.
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  • I do! My mother-in-law had a healthy pregnancy, she found out that she was pregnant at her follow-up appointment post loss. The OB I saw when I had my loss recommended waiting three cycles, but the fertility specialist that we saw after that didn't think there was any "science" to that.
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