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Dreaded cramps?

I have a question... My MMC happened at 16w4d and I had no idea I lost my DD except for some cramping, which I mentioned before they tried to find the HB. For those of you who MC early did you notice bleeding right away? I started to have some cramping yesterday, not period cramps but strange cramps that remind me of that dreadful day. So I'm trying to stay positive and optimistic but it's hard. I'm hoping I can see my doctor early next week for reassurance but I'm still very early.

Re: Dreaded cramps?

  • First let me say I am very sorry for your loss.  How far along are you?  I know that I have had cramping on and off and it always ended up being nothing to worry about.  Try to stay positive, I know thats hard.  Can the dr get you in earlier just to ease your mind?
  • Thank you! I'm not sure how far I am. According to my LMP I would be about 6w5d but on Tuesday this week I had an US and they just saw a Yolk Sac but the dr seemed happy with where we were. Then they said 7-14day they want to see me back. I have an apt on 22nd but I'd like to get in this coming Tuesday. Im trying so hard to be positive but the cramps are throwing me back to the day I found out. Thanks for the positive thoughts ☺️
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    I think its different for each person but I actually didnt feel anything when i had the mc - that's why it was a mmc. All I remember is that my pregnancy symptoms slowly started to go away.
    Hope your OB will see you sooner. Stay positive!
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    I have had lots of cramps so far - I am 17 weeks. Mild, dulls aches, sharp pains.... Just remember that something is growing in there and things are moving around. And also remember that every pregnancy is different. Thinking muscle relaxing thoughts for you!

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  • If it makes you feel any better I had cramps, twinges, sharp pains, etc. with this pregnancy and not with my loss (a missed miscarriage, too).
  • If it makes you feel any better I had cramps, twinges, sharp pains, etc. with this pregnancy and not with my loss (a missed miscarriage, too).

    Exactly this. With this pregnancy, I started bleeding but didn't have cramps. So, I asked a friend that had had a natural miscarriage about how hers started, and she said, she started cramping and bleeding and it progressed pretty fast. I cramped a lot with this pregnancy but baby is healthy and growing. Hopefully it is just growing pains.

  • I also had some cramping with my MMC at the end of April when I was about 8ish weeks. I've had a decent amount of cramping this time too so I completely know how you feel. I'm 7w1 and paranoid too! I've also had a few moments where for like a minute it feels like my right ovary is about to explode and then it completely goes away. Very unnerving. I do find some comfort in what the PPs have said and that cramping seems to be fariely common with healthy pregnancies. I would definitely tell your doctor just to be safe. I'm counting the days until my appointment next Friday so I can talk to my dr and ask for an extra u/s!!

  • Thanks so much @spatter1 - two days ago and today I had that exact symptom - like my ovaries were trying to explode, accompanied by light spotting. I've been nervous about my next u/s but you gave me some peace of mind!
  • Omg....2 weeks ago I swore my ovaries were exploding! Swore it.
    Nope... they are fine... and so is my gummy bear.
    good luck
  • Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm being seen Tuesday so hopefully everything is okay and the baby is growing on schedule. (I must admit I'm not hip to thebump lingo
  • @colleenflannery Good luck and keep us posted!!!

    @kimey1 and @MamaRoni the ovary exploding feeling is SO weird. Did you ever get answers from your doctors about it? Why does it feel like years between appointments?!

  • @spatter1 I KNOW! I just felt it those few times this week so I haven't mentioned it to my doc. But I did find a pattern these last few days- I feel a little sick when I'm spotting. Once the spotting stops I'm okay.

    I agree! Another 10days ish till my next appt. TB keeps me sane at night!
  • So I asked my Dr. about the ovary exploding thing today... and she just got this blank look on her face. Ha! She had no explanation for it but didn't seem concerned. I'm having another u/s in a week or so (still need to schedule it) and I'll let you know if they say anything about it! :)

  • I had both a MMC and a natural MC. With the MMC I had no symptoms. In fact, I still felt pregnant for about a week or so afterwards. With my natural MC, I started spotting first. Then the menstrual like cramps started. It lasted about 24 hours once the cramps started but at that point I was no longer spotting, I was heavily bleeding. Hope this helps and hang in there. Now I'm 4 weeks 5 days and a little crampy but no bleeding so trying to stay positive! We will get our rainbow babies!
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