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Commiseration. Who is still working?

I need some support from other moms to be who are still working. Getting up everyday lately had been nothing but a chore and I hate going in. I'm exhausted when I come home, so I can never get anything done around the house. I try to fit everything into the weekend, but then I'm tired from that! AH! I ask my husband everyday if I can just quit. NOPE! I carry the damn insurance...which is pretty important at the moment. 

Please tell me other moms are still there. How are you ladies making it?!
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Re: Commiseration. Who is still working?

  • How many more days are you working? I worked up until yesterday which was my due date. That's pretty dang far into the pregnancy in my opinion so they weren't getting another day out of me. I'm trying to focus the next several days on getting baby ready to come out. so far no signs of labor.
    It was getting harder to wake up on time the last 2 weeks so I'm glad I don't have to head into work anymore. I hope that your last days of work go by quickly and peacefully (not stressful)
  • ktbkittenktbkitten
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    My end date is when ever he is born. I'm trying really hard to work up until he gets here because I hardly get any time off and I don't have much leave to go through. I hope that he comes soon. I am very excited for him to get here but I am also ready to not go to work anymore...Right now I am planning to work past my EDD if I have to but I hope that doesn't happen. 
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  • I'm still working.  I had Violet a month ago, 2 weeks in the NICU, and now home almost 2 weeks.  It sucks.  I have a kidney infection (I think) and I slept over 12 hours today.  I think I'm doing too much.  I own my own business and am so done with it right now.  I'm at my wits end.  

  • I have like 1 or 2 shifts left. I can't wait. This working crap has me so tired and bitchy. I might celebrate when I'm done. Sigh.
  • I am! It's awful. I still have eleven work days left until my due date (9/27). It's really hard to do it anymore- getting ready is a chore and then working the full day is exhausting. Sometimes I consider crawling under my desk for a nap. How many more days do you have @ktbkitten ?

    One of the only motivations I have is pushing so that every single day of my twelve weeks is with my baby... Otherwise I would have thrown in the towel at least a week ago!
  • I am too!!! I want to go out and my dr said I could but I don't want to waste my time before she actually gets here. I'm completely exhausted. Good luck!!
  • I'm still working full time until next Friday; my due date is Sunday the 20th. It has been very hard the last few weeks not to stay home but I don't want to just sit around waiting for it to happen lol. Due date seems fair to me, and I think they're lucky I stayed this long! ;) Hopefully you go soon- good luck!
  • I am working too. I just started a new school year at a brand new job so I really don't have an option of leaving before baby comes. I don't even get FMLA because I'm so new and thankfully the district is being nice about letting me take 6-8 weeks. The worst part is that my school has no air conditioner so being stuck in a room with sweaty middle schoolers is terrible.
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  • Still working too! I switched my routine so I don't shower in the morning anymore, it was too exhausting. I wish I had more energy to get things done and I also tire myself out during the weekend. I keep telling myself getting all of my leave with the baby will be worth it, that thought is the only thing carrying me through. I really wish tomorrow (39 weeks) was my last day though.
  • My last day is tomorrow and I deliver via c-section on Wednesday. Looking forward to being done.
  • I'm working until either delivery or Sept 25, my due date is Sept 22. I'm very fortunate that I'm still sleeping semi-well and feel okay during the day and most of my responsibilities right now are desk based.
  • I'm planning on working until I go into labor. Whether that is till my due date, after, etc. I just want all of my time off to be spent with her. So I'm there with you! It's getting very hard to get up in the morning and stay motivated throughout the day. My personal quote is "you can always do something for a little bit longer" so that's all I keep thinking! It's not too much longer and the pay off will be more time with little one :)
  • Today was my last day of work. I'm due September 20th. Was planning on working through next week but it just became too much. I can't really afford to be off since I get no maternity leave pay or anything. Don't know how it's all going to work out but it will. I'm a single FTM.
  • I have the luxury of working from home for the remainder of the month till little man arrives. Which is awesome. Except when comcast goes out and I'm stuck without Internet and phone when I have important teleconferences to do! I hate you Comcast!
  • I'm still working and actually have been been putting in extra time since I'm hourly. My last day is next Friday and then using some me pto. edd is the 27. I just want to work long enough that my 3 months will get me through the holidays and I can start back in January.
  • I'm working right up until baby comes and I'm due September 30. It's pretty rough walking up and down stairs to work with kids all day. I don't want to miss any days at home with baby afterward since it's only 7 weeks.
  • I'm still working though I may not be as far along as some of you. I'm 38+3. I'm an X-ray technologist at a level 1 trauma center so I'm on my feet all day long pushing machines and tugging on patients. I'm not uncomfortable yet, but I am pretty sleepy after 12 hour days. I'll be working up until my baby girl is born. I'm on the schedule until my due date and will have them write me in if needed so that I get my full maternity leave. I don't want to miss any time at home with her!
  • I"m working full until my due date, the 26th. So you're not alone. I have a very active job and it's hell to get myself motivated to show up. Tomorrow is a 14 hour day, really don't want to do that. But, I also carry our insurance, or I wouldn't even be considering continuing working after baby. Life sucks sometimes...
  • Still working. I'm a teacher. The year started out more relaxed but now has gotten stressful. I'm the reading specialist and I love it but lately everyone has been asking me to help them find resources or with ideas for their kids, which is part of my role, but eats up all my plan time so I don't have my long term sub plans ready. It's starting to stress me out. That plus I can't sleep, have deep cracks in my feet that hurt terribly, horrible heartburn, and just general pressure/pain from baby. I'm miserable ~X(
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  • ljhansljhans
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    I'm working up until my due date, the 25th. I teach elementary special Ed and I am constantly on my feet. I try to sit down and put my feet up when I can but it doesn't really happen much! It's wearing me out! We had meet the teacher night tonight and I was at work for 13 hours today. So tired. 11 more days left!
  • My last day was today and I am only taking off until October 6th so I feel ya girl!!! Today was sooo soo tiring. I have absolutely no energy at all :(
  • I am still working! due 9/21 and will work up until baby arrives!  i would love to be be done, but just cant justify taking time off now when i would rather take it after baby is born
  • I am still working. My last day was supposed to be 9/18 with a scheduled section on 9/22. My pelvis hurts so bad, I'm only working 3 more days because of how accommodating my job has been. I'm an RN and I run a clinic in a homeless shelter so my company isn't going to screw their staff because they want you to stay due to the challenging nature of the work we do. Needless to say I have been blessed considering I started my job at 13 weeks pregnant, they found out later I was pregnant. I'm not eligible for FMLA but can take maternity leave on my state with 8 weeks job protection and my company is accommodating me so that I can return when I want. I am taking 14 weeks or so. I requested 12 weeks but my return date was 12/21 but then they said I can come back the first of the year, after the holidays. I am only going to be paid for 3 weeks and I am the insurance carrier but my company will catch me up when I return. I saved money to cover my portion of the bills until I return. I can't wait for me to be on the flip side of pregnancy and can't wait to just chill out and wait for baby to be born...
  • Plan on working up to the 22nd. My due date. I have barely any paid time off coming so trying to work as much as I can to take off longer after baby is here. Luckily I qualify for the FMLA. Its exhausting, work in a clinic as an X-ray tech so on my feet all day. Let alone getting 4 kids age 8 and under off and running in the morning by myself. DH leaves at 530 for work so he's not home to help. Luckily he's home in evenings to help but still exhausting!! And I know it's only going to get busier but at least I'll be comfortable in my body again:). Not too much longer ladies!!!
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  • I'm working until the 18th. He's due on the 19th. He really could come any day though. I wouldn't mind if he did!

    My students and their parents are a new kind of high maintenance this year and my tolerance is dwindling.

    I'll be leaving my lesson plans on my desk tomorrow afternoon in hopes that LO shows up soon.
  • I'm still working and my EDD is the 16th. I'm tempted to make that my last day, so I can have some time to work on my home which is a disaster area. I've wrapped up my project, packed up my desk, and literally look for work to do all day.
    I only get 10 paid days so everything else will come out of my savings. My husband is ok with me taking off (he is tired of the chaos too) but I'm torn between wanting the income and having an organized home.
  • I'm working but have been allowed to work from home because my office is about an hour away from my house.  It's also hard because my job is quite project based so I've transferred responsibility for a lot of my projects already and am not starting anything new right now obviously.  It's annoying to be in this limbo phase, but I'm glad I"m not going in to the office anymore.
  • My EDD is Monday, September 28 so my plan is to work until Friday the 25th....that's MY plan but the little man may have a different one!! Thankfully my job is mostly at a desk and it has been helpful in making the days go by faster. I want tot work up until our baby arrives so I can make the most of the maternity leave I get but I am not going to come in after my due date (my work is about 90 minutes from the hospital so I don't want to chance having a baby on the side of the road). Every morning is harder and harder to get up and get going but I'm just trying to take it one day at a time!

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  • I worked up until yesterday. I am getting induced tomorrow. I figured that in the long run, the one day of work I am missing isn't going to matter and I just wanted to have a last full day to myself to get ready and relax.... I kind of cheated though and didn't work over the summer (schools), so I really was only back at work about three weeks.
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  • I was planning on working until my due date (9/17), I guess expecting he would come early or on time. But, now I'm thinking I don't want to start my maternity leave next Thursday if baby is going to come late . So, I guess that means I'll work until I go into labor :/ More time with little one after he's born. It will also push my back to work date into January, which will alleviate some of my childcare woes.
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  • I'm 39.5 and I don't have any paid maternity leave, so I'm working up until I go into labour. I've been kind of lucky though, my boss feels badly for me and is letting me sneak out a little early every day and isn't being a stickler about me showing up exactly on time since he knows that I'm miserable and not really sleeping at night. 
  • I am due the 30th and plan to work up until delivery. I have a pretty low key job and I feel very fortunate to be able to work from home. I drive 1 1/2 hours to commute 2-3 days a week and work the other days from home. But as of next Wednesday, I have only 2 weeks left. Therefore, I will be working fully from home as of that date. I don't want to risk going into labor that far from my home! I am currently at home with my work stuff and my feet up! It's nice and makes things less hectic and tiring for me! I will begin working from home again 2 weeks after baby is born, but I won't return to driving to work until 2 months after baby. 
  • I'm planning on working until delivery as well (EDD Sept. 30). I am really fortunate, though, because I work for a Jewish organization and we observe the High Holy Days (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, etc.), which happen to fall during the month of Sept. It's a busy time, religiously speaking, but I get a lot of time away from the office. I also don't have a physically or emotionally difficult job, so that helps.

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  • I stopped working yesterday at 39.6. I intended to work up until today 40.0, but took 2 sick days with the encouragement of my obstetrician, and then officially begin my maternity leave on Monday. Every day for the last 2 weeks my team has been surprised that I've shown up for rounds in the morning. Rounding was getting difficult, managing the ward was okay, and operating for any case that lasted more than 2 hours has been challenging for the last 6 weeks. I miss work, but deciding not to work while overdue is the right decision. 
  • I'm still working. I teach kindergarten and come home every day with swollen elephant feet. It sucks, but I don't get much maternity leave as it is so I don't want to use it until he is here.
  • I am still working up until he decides to EDD is the 20yh and I have my induction date set for 9/24. I will be working up until 9/22 if he doesn't make an appearance before then!! I to have a hard time waking up and I get home very exhausted and not to mention vey swollen.....I am looking forward to my break as my jobs very stressful!!! Good luck to everyone that's strong and still putting in time for work which I see as amazing granted I know some women that decide not to work and quit granted they have a smooth pregnancy with no complications...
  • I'm still working as well, moved my c section to 9/24 from 10/01 due to GD. My job isn't physically demanding but I work 10hr shifts, 4 days a week to accommodate Dr appointments. I will be working til 9/23, day before I give birth since as many of you ladies mentioned with no Fmla coverage it makes its a tough call to leave earlier with no financial security and knowing the maternity level will also affect for a longer period of time.
    DH is ready to pull 2 jobs once baby arrives to make up for the downfall.
    I don't feel tired, just annoyed by people at this point. I find myself not having enough hours in the day to tackle the housework

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  • So tired of people asking why I am still working. I'm 39 wks and for the most part feel great. In this country women typically don't get much time off to be with a new baby, we have to sacrifice a little comfort and work up untill we deliver.
  • I feel the same way! I am still working. I have thought of every way possible I could quit my job in the last couple of weeks but, I too, carry the insurance!!! I'll be 39 weeks pregnant on Monday and I will be working up until I give birth. If I go overdue, I think I'll re-think the situation. It has been a long few weeks! Hang in there, mamas!
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