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Mother's milk to aide milk supply? Any other suggestions?

is this really helpful to help improve milk supply? Was told this tea helps. Any other ideas?

Re: Mother's milk to aide milk supply? Any other suggestions?

  • I drink this tea and I also take Motherlove's More Milk Special Blend tincture. Tastes like death but works wonders. They have a pill version but it doesn't work as well.
  • Instead of that just get the actual herbs that go into it... It will be more potent and cost you less. Fenugreek and blessed thistle are the most important.
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  • I used the Motherlove's more milk in pill form. You have to take it several times a day to work well (I think 4 or 6 times) otherwise you are just wasting $. When I used it as frequently as directed it did increase my milk supply. However, I produced almost nothing (I counted by the mL, b/c I never could get an ounce).

    In the end the cost was way too much, on top of renting a hospital grade pump and supplementing with formula.

    I think it is worth trying, and hopefully it works for you.
  • I drank Mother's Milk Tea and swore it helped with my output while pumping. I think by the end of my journey I found the taste not so bad. Just push through, drink the tea, and drink lots of water in between.
  • Milky worked really well for me. It's all the herbs that are supposed to increase supply in a strawberry flavored drink. It doesn't taste that great though.
  • I've had some luck with Honest Co's Lactation Plus pills. Working slightly better than taking 12 each fenugreek & blessed thistle daily. At $20 for a one month supply (plus shipping since my Target doesn't carry them) I'm still debating value - I think they've increased my output by 1-1.5 oz total (both boobs) per pumping session.
  • I drink a 32oz Powerade when my supply drops and it picks up the next day.
  • It didn't work for me but oatmeal, Moringa and goats rue ended up being the winning combination
  • I sometimes drink the Mother's Milk tea and noticed it does help a bit.. It could be placebo effect in my case of course. Optimism always helps me out the most. I've just started fenugreek and blessed thistle.. Again, a small difference.

    I have heard good things about Gatorade and Powerade and other electrolyte drinks helping people. Good luck!
  • I have found on the days when I drink Mothers Milk Tea and eat oatmeal/malt-o-meal I produce about 6 oz above the days that I skip one or both.
    The tea tastes like black licorice which I hate, so I doctor my tea with lemon juice, honey and sugar. It still helps a good amount.

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  • I read something about coconut water helping to increase supply. It is very hydrating and replaces electrolytes similar to Gatorade.
  • No tea or anything, but my sister, who has breast fed 3 babies, said even after you breastfeed, go pump. She said that really helped increase her supply. Sometimes she gets 1oz, others she gets 6-8oz. And it upped her supply.
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