Pregnant after a Loss

Is there a sign on my back?

In a matter of a few hours both my mom and a coworker asked if I'm pregnant. I'm trying to keep it quiet until at least my apt at 9 weeks but looks like that isn't working! They all know my history so I know they'd be comforting but I'd like a little bit of surprise involved. I must look pudgier than I thought!

Re: Is there a sign on my back?

  • Ha! I doubt that. You probably just have a glow.
  • I'm sure like the PP said you've just got that glow! But how rude of them! If someone asked me right now I would flip out (hormones much?!). I guess not as bad coming from your mom but a coworker? Jeez. Maybe going through a loss has made me more sensitive but I think it's so rude of people to ask about your "pregnancy status". What if you were going through something really awful?? Ok rant over...! :)

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  • Lol @spatter1 I work in tight quarters with 4 other girls full time so they're well aware of my losses and desires to be pregnant again. So I wasn't offended. My mom questioned me because she thought I wasn't drinking at a Labor Day party. (I did fill an empty beer bottle with water and sipped on that!) But later in the day a client asked me if I "have any news???" That one annoyed me! But- all of the sudden at 8 weeks, NONE of my pants fit well anymore! Like barely buttonable! Being my 4th pregnancy... Maybe this is to be expected? I feel like it's incredibly early to be "showing"!
  • @Plleriti1 haha ok ok that makes more sense! I'm not really close with any of my coworkers except one or two of them and I would really be pissed if people were constantly asking me. And on the pants issue I feel you. I'm 7 weeks today and in the mornings I feel like my normal self but by bed time my stomach is protruding like crazy! I'm sure it's just bloat but ugh annoying!

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