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Ultrasound today

Per my lmp I am 5w5d...I feel like I am going to vomit.  I have to go by myself b/c my hubby couldn't get off work. I go to an RE so this u/s is to date me and make sure the baby is growing and where it should be.  I had a missed miscarriage and I swear I have PTSD when it comes to U/S..I have a love/hate relationships with them.....I just need to vent thanks for listening...

Re: Ultrasound today

  • I hope everything goes well today. So that you aren't alarmed, I went thinking I was 6w3d and baby only measured 5w5d and didn't have a heartbeat yet. I went back a week later, and baby was measuring closer to what I thought I should be and had a heartbeat. So, I wouldn't get my hopes up to see a heartbeat that early, it would be a nice bonus if you did. Especially that early, even one day can make a big difference in what you see. Keep us updated!
  • To echo what @rachrobertson said, They have told me at every U/S around 6 wks, they may not see what they want to because it's still early. They actually have never done one before 6 wks because they said they would only see a sac. So don't freak if they dont pick up a hb. Good luck!
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  • Good luck!! I hope it goes well today and I know exactly what you mean with u/s PTSD! I feel the same and when I went for my first u/s last week I was a wreck; my heart was pounding out of my chest and I thought I was going to be sick. I'm so sorry you have to go alone but know that we're all thinking of you and virtually holding your hand! Keep us posted!

  • Good luck. We are all sending positive vibes!
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  • Sending good vibes!
  • Thanks all! I am just back..I am dating 5w4d so only one day off my lmp ( and I had no idea when I O'd) so I am really happy with the dating..gestational sac and yolk sac in the ute!!!..going back in a week and the doctor said we should see the little relieved!!!!!
  • Congratulations glad you saw a little flicker :-) I understand all too well the PTSD of an Ultrasound.
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  • Good news! Baby in uterus is one hurdle you can mark off your list of fears! Each time I had a fear dismissed, I felt a little better. At my appointment at 5w5d, they couldn't see a definitive fetal pole either, just the yolk sac and gestational sac. Hoping you see that little heart pumping away next week!
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