Pregnant after a Loss

Anniversary of my due date today...

I didn't mention it to my dh or my mother or anyone that today is my due date. My dh has to work in the morning. It will be just dd and me during the day tomorrow. I think I will go visit the cemetery where my angel is and lay down some flowers. No marker allowed for these types of burials in my state. But I took picture of the surrounding stones. That morning of the funeral in April I was by myself. Dh had stayed up with me all night talking/grieving with and overslept. So he watched dd while went. I told no one about the service, even though I made my loss no secret. It's strange that feels so very private now. I don't really want to even tell dh, but I will because I have to take dd who is three. This very unlike me dh and I are hip to hip. I'm 23wks now, and I wish that took some of the sting away. But it doesn't. Just had to let someone know.

Re: Anniversary of my due date today...

  • I'm glad you posted and I can relate to how you feel. I wanted to try again right away, but sometimes being pregnant again almost makes your loss seem harder. Thinking of you and your family tonight.
  • Thanks PlainJane8350, you always say the nicest thing to people. I'm alwalys on here too, I just lurk more than I post. I went today and had to leave as soon as I got there because I had to find a bathroom for my dd. and by the time I got out there I was so freaking hungry. We laid the flowers down and left. It seems sometimes like the universe just won't let me have a moment to myself. Thanks.
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  • I too am glad you shared.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  My due date is coming up and I'm all to aware of it.  Yesterday I was shopping for baby showers of friends that were due the same month as me or later, and I had a breakdown looking at all the tiny clothes that my child isn't wearing.  Yes I am pregnant again, but it is different, than it was before.

    My thoughts are with you today <3
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  • Well, if you can't get back, then you can always try to find some quiet time at home. I'm sure he's always with you, no matter where you are. I'm sure he appreciates the flowers, too. :) Hope you're feeling a little better now, still thinking of you and our little angel babies.
  • I'm sorry you are going through this today and feeling so alone. My first due date is a couple of months away and I know it will be hard. I hope you were able to get some time to yourself today to breathe. Hugs to you!

  • Thinking of you. I found my due date was really hard, thankfully my sister & SIL remembered and sent me lovely messages. I'm not looking forward to the anniversary of when I gave birth, more so as this baby is due that same week. It's never quite the same, thinking of you, stay strong x
  • Thanks Ladies!
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