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It seems like mothers who've had children before show earlier from the second or consecutive pregnancies.
Is this the same for those that had a loss?
I was curious.

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  • I don't feel like it affected me, but my loss was also very early (9 weeks, but baby measuring 7). I was unable to fit back into some of my pre-pregnancy work clothes, though. I think that it changes your body, even before you start putting on second trimester baby weight.
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    This is my 5th pregnancy, two kids born at 39w4d and 40w3 day and a mmc baby found out at 11w6d baby stopped growing at 8w6d and mc in April at 5 weeks.  I really feel like my bloat is my bigger now ( I am 5w5d right now) but not really sure of a real bump
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  • Yes, it's certainly affected me. I had my son almost 5 years ago, but two pregnancies and late first trimester losses in the last year, so my body never really recovered. I look about 14 weeks now, but I'm only 10.
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  • Not the case for me. I am on pregnancy #3, first pregnancy lasted 40w1d, second ended at 10w, and I am now 16w5d and just look fluffy still. I am 6' with a long torso and never lost my extra weight from having DD which I am sure play into it also. I have also lost 5 pounds so far. I would love to look pregnant, but if I don't gain weight and my doctor is fine with that, I will take that too! Also, so you have a timeline of my pregnancies, DD will be 3 on the 22nd of this month, my loss was in may this year, and I got my BFP with this one in June. No baby bump here.
  • I'm 7.5 weeks on pregnancy #4 hopefully baby #2. I'm also approx 15-20lbs heavier than I was with the beginning of my first pregnancy. I definitely feel pudgier all over. Not a round firm bump but my middle is chunky. My last miscarriage was the end of May and I kind of went on a food/ alcohol bindger at that point so that's probably most of what I'm feeling! Lol.
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