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support band help???

(Note: I cracked my phone screen, its super hard to read and ensure it reads correctly! I'm also horrible at typing.) Plus this draft saved and reminder of you have questions that have been answered make them as answered... Comes up every min! So finding my spot, and reading through it it's hard! Sorry in advanced!) Any how!!

I am 24 weeks my round ligament pain was so bad my Dr said to use a support band. So I got one. I sit down and it smashes my stomach. Then when I stand up its all ruffled in the back pushing my low band maternity pants down and its strait uncomfortable. I can't squat to pick anything up, have to take it off to pee!!! Idk what I'm doing wrong. I know I'm wearing it correctly! But if I move its all shifted I feel like puking every time I move in it other than just walking around the house! I actually burp a bit of well...... Up every time I sit, stand back up, squat move ect. How is this suppose to help me if I can't move in it???

Re: support band help???

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    I just got the "fit splint" and it stays in place pretty well (it has grippy places like a good strapless bra). It can be worn on skin or over a light tank. 
    It has 3 positions 
    1) both straps under belly helps back pain and bladder pressure etc
    2) both straps in the middle which provides abdomen support and is supposed to help diastasis recti (seperation of ab muscles at the midline)
    3) motion control for high impact such as running/jogging one strap under one over
    I was starting to get pain low in my abdomen when I walked for over 2 miles or if I tried to run from the strain on my abdominal muscles. This band had the best reviews on figure 8 maternity. I got my recommended size based on prepregnancy and have lots of room to grow. It gets more comfortable as I wear it but it seems to continue to provide adequate support. I only really wear it when I plan on being on my feet awhile but it doesn't bother me to sit with it on but if I sit to long I feel like it needs adjusting. Hope my review of the only one I've tried helps!
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    I'm 26 weeks with twins and I have had this problem for a while now. Instead of a traditional support band, I started using KT tape and it is AMAZING! It's the brightly colored athletic tape and there are techniques for pregnancy. You can wear the synthetic tape for a week at a time and it is waterproof so it won't come off in the shower. I got mine at walmart for about $20 for 20 strips of tape. Overall it might cost a little more than a regular support band but it's not bulky and you cant see it through your clothes.
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    @kelseyjane2015 Do you apply the KT tape yourself or do you have a physical therapist or similar who does it for you?
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    @TomekiaB I just have my husband do it for me. There are tutorials online to guide you through it!
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    I wear mine for pelvic pain but I've found the best way to wear it is under my undies so I don't have to take it off every time to pee. It definitely does ruffle up after sitting, bending over, etc. but it's still better than wearing nothing!
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    I wear one for SPD so was told it need to sit on my bone. If it's on my belly it's too high. I saw my physical therapist today and she helped me with a couple things on it. I was having the same issue with mine riding up when I move. She showed me how to tuck the bottom edge under so it doesn't touch the tops of my legs and this has helped immensely. I'm also finding that in some positions it helps to adjust it a little (such as letting it out just a little when I sit or tightening more when I lay down).

    I haven't tried wearing it with jeans yet but around home I've liked wearing it with maternity leggings. I had some from my previous pregnancy that are capris with the full panel and I wear the belt over those with a long top to cover.
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