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First appointment different for last?

Was your first appointment any different as far as going out of their way to make you comfortable and have less anxiety? Were you able to request extra peace of mind u/s? I have my first one in a little over a week and I don't really know what to expect and I don't want to seem like the crazy person that I feel like lol

Re: First appointment different for last?

  • I don't mind seeming crazy. :D I asked the tech to tell me as soon as she found the heartbeat and I didn't look until then. I actually did that every time until I could feel the baby move. I also still take a list of questions that I ask the nurse before I leave. I tried to apologize to my doctor once and she told me not to worry about it, that I just know how precious life is.
  • That makes me feel better. I have what seems like a 2 page lis for a first appointment this time. :)
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  • Ask away! I usually ask the nurse now, but just because she's a tad bit more conservative than my doctor and I'm really paranoid. Also, never feel bad about calling. I was really worried once and the nurse brought me in for a quick ultrasound when the doctor wasn't in so they weren't busy at all.
  • They have been great with me. When I come in there is one super sweet nurse that tells me to call her about anything at all. As far as U/S the tech kind of knows us know since I had a panic attack at the first sono. She tells me as soon as she sees a heartbeat.
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  • Don't worry about seeming crazy! I wasn't supposed to have my first appointment until the 21st, but when I started having some pain and other issues Thursday, they rushed me in. Every person was so reassuring and telling me the risks, but putting emphasis on the good things. I kept apologizing for freaking out and acting crazy, but they all said I would have been crazy not to have anxiety after everything we went through earlier this year:) hoping everything goes well at your appointment!!
  • My first appointment to confirm the pregnancy was pretty much the same as last time. I had to see a different doctor than my regular one so I don't know I that affected how the appointment went. The doctor was still very sensitive and whereas last time they basically told me to keep doing everything I would normally do if I wasn't pregnant (exercise and activity-wise I mean) this time they told me to take it easy and said it was 99.9% for my own peace of mind. Also the nurse who helped me last time when I was miscarrying was SO sweet. She remembered me and high-fived me and was just so positive. I never made it to my first real ob appointment at 8 weeks last time so hopefully I'll get there this time and if so I'm definitely going to ask for an extra u/s! Good luck!!

  • I didn't make it there either. I am praying good vibes all over this baby :)
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