Pregnant after a Loss

Cravings anyone?

I thought we could have a little fun post among all of our worries on this board.
Are any of you craving anything specific?
For the past week I have been obsessed, and I mean madly obsessed, with Wendy's spicy asiago ranch chicken sandwich. It is all I think about and would probably eat if for every meal if it weren't so pricy for what it is and so unhealthy. That being said, I had it twice on Sunday, once yesterday, and for lunch today. I have no shame!!

Re: Cravings anyone?

  • I am craving coffee!! I'm trying to be super careful and avoid caffeine almost completely, so of course all i can think about is coffee. [-X
  • Sweet fruit. Fish. Fried carbs (donuts, french fries, potatoe chips). Sweet drinks (aloe juice, Calpico, honey tea, flavored seltzer)
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  • Sweet stuff!!! I am normally more of a savory person so this is weird for me but I want dessert all the time!

  • @ALC08 I held out on coffee until about 14 weeks and now I allow myself half a cup on work days.
    @kimey1 I wish I craved fruit! I usually am fine with fruit, but not lately.
    @spatter1 do you know what you are having yet? With DD, I craved sweets, but that is pretty normal for me. This baby is a boy and I made a 9x9 pan of brownies that I ended up throwing half of them out because they were too rich to eat too many at a time. (they sat on my counter for a week, usually they would be gone in 3 days between all of us) I usually never waste chocolate, but this boy is not interested. Hopefully it stays this way so I don't gain 40 pounds like I did with DD.
  • @rachrobertson Nope! Don't know the gender yet. That is interesting about you experience with your DD! Maybe it's a girl for me :) Aside from the evening sweets, in general I am craving healthy things. We're on a mini vacation right now and have had nothing but carbs and I feel SO gross. I just want some veggies! :) ALSO I feel like I can't eat as much as I used to. Finishing a bowl of pasta has never been a problem for me (bring on seconds!) but I'm finding now that a few bites into my meals I'm feeling totally full. I expected this to happen later on when the baby is pushing on my stomach but not at 7 weeks!

  • I wanted a fried pickle when I went to the state fair over the weekend, I settled for just a regular pickle, it was heavenly ha ha.  I felt like such a pregnant cliche.
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  • carbs and anything savory. i can't stand the idea of chocolate (unless it's chocolate milk) or tea (which i normally love). 
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  • Steak! And papusa.
  • Chinese food!! 
  • This morning I randomly (and desperately) wanted lobster with drawn butter. LOL!
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  • Great, @cmerribury , now I want garlic butter grilled shrimp.
  • Sorry!! I hope your craving passed as quickly as mine did. Now I'm left wondering what the heck I was thinking!
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