Pregnant after a Loss

8 week Ultrasound on Tuesday. Super nervous

I should be 8 weeks tomorrow and have an ultrasound on Monday. I had one almost 2 weeks ago and there was a yoke sac and small fetal pole.

We found out about my last miscarriage via ultrasound at 9 weeks, baby only measured 7+1, after seeing a heartbeat at 6+3.
I just don't want a repeat of my last pregnancy :(
Any words of wisdom from those who are past this point?

Re: 8 week Ultrasound on Tuesday. Super nervous

  • We found out at the exact same time as you, around 9 weeks with the baby measuring 7. So shocking and hard, I'm so sorry that happened to you, too.

    From experience, and from what my doctor told me, unfortunately miscarriages are common and having one doesn't increase your chances of having another one. We had our loss tested and found out that we lost that baby to trisomy 13, totally random as most miscarriages are.

    With this pregnancy, we opted to do Materna Plus as early as we could. We did it at 11 weeks, but you can actually do it as early as 10. Since we knew that our first baby had trisomy 13 those results comforted us. I was still a nervous wreck and, at 36 weeks, I still worry! Having a loss just traumatized you, there's just no way around it. Just do the best that you can and be honest with your doctor. If you get really worried, then call them and ask them to bring you in. My doctor's nurse snuck me in once for a quick ultrasound when my doctor wasn't there because I "didn't feel pregnant." You're always welcome to message me, too. Having someone to talk to, who understands and doesn't just tell you to "relax and enjoy it," really helped me, too.
  • Sorry no words of wisdom to offer. The anxiety is awful, just try to hang in there! I will be thinking of you and looking to hear good news! @ridingmama
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  • @PlainJane8350 is that the genetic testing you are talking about? My dr asked if that was something we wanted at my first appointment. We haven't made a decision yet...
  • Yes, ma'am. We suffered a genetic loss, so we were especially interested in genetic testing. I actually wanted CVS, but our doctor recommended an ultrasound and, if that looked good, then a genetic (cell free DNA) blood test...then amnio based on those results. They never gave us "odds" like some people get, we were just told that they didn't think that we needed to do any further, more invasive testing. That test also gave us the sex of the baby! I've come to realize that genetic testing can be a touchy subject and isn't for everyone, so forgive me if I'm too matter-of-fact about it. That's just where we stood after finding out that our loss was caused by trisomy 13.
  • 5 years ago I had my first pregnancy. I have 3 sisters, all of whom have had children. I was so excited to discover I was finally pregnant. We had our first ultrasound (internal) at 7 weeks. We had a strong heartbeat, but discovered that there was a hematoma. PA said there may be nothing to worry about. That night I had heavy spotting. Over the next two weeks I had SIX more internal U/S. One night I was vomiting heavily, with horrible cramps that lead to intense bleeding and passing clots. I lost that baby that night. It was so devastating. I had to have a DNC. My OB at the time had zero bedside manners. He said I was lucky to get it out of the way. Needless to say HE IS NOT my OB this time. It has taken me over 5 years to get pregnant again. I was told I have a bicornate or heart-shaped uterus. I do not know how this will affect this pregnancy. I have my 1st appointment on Monday, when I will be 8 weeks exactly. I hope that everything is great. I feel different I think, but its been so long I am still wary. I want to be excited. I want to be so many things... its so hard to gage how you feel after such a trauma. I am here with you friend. I am keeping you in my T&Ps. I LOVE ALL OF YOU MAMA'S!
  • I am so sorry for your loss. But welcome to this wonderful community and here's to an uneventful 9 months!!
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  • I'm right here with you @ridingmama will have my u/s on Tuesday when I'm hoping I'll be 8w3d. So tough to deal with the anxiety of it all happening once again - I found out the same time last pregnancy that I had had a mmc. I have very minimal symptoms so absolutely no reassurance that I'm still pregnant. But yet I just repeat positive statements to myself whenever I find myself on the dark side. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday. Let's both pass that point and give each other words of wisdom:)
  • @Ridingmama I'm in the same boat as you.
    I went in my 9th week and there was no heartbeat and the cervix was open- it was a mmc. We induced labor and I passed everything at home.

    In ten days I'm going for my next U/S when I'll be 8.5 weeks, my milestone week. I'm having DH come with me for support and hopefully so we can hear the heartbeat together.

    I still worry but I have my moments touching my belly, saying "You're doing ok in there right?". Worrying too much doesn't help so try to leave em in the back of your mind. Just remember today you are pregnant and smile. Eventually we will reach 12weeks, then 24, then 36, and eventually we will make it!
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    The anxiety does get better, but I find before each U/S mine ramps up again.  I think I would be completely freaking out if I didn't throw up this morning, I really have been very good this pregnancy and it is few and far between, but in my mind it is the baby's way of telling me he/she is still growing.

    I have an U/S this Wednesday and I'm already starting to worry a bit.  If we get past this one I will feel a little more comfortable in my own skin.

    Good Luck to all you ladies with upcoming ultrasounds.
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  • How did your u/s go @ridingmama ? I had a good one so just wanted to dispel fears of those without much symptoms... just believe! Heartbeat was strong at 180 bpm and I am finally able to call myself pregnant without hesitation. Still a few weeks to go until the delicate stage but for now I'm happy! All the best!
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