Pregnant after a Loss

Conceived after first cycle ?

i just had my first cycle last week about 5 weeks post d&c. We were advised to wait two cycles by two different doctors but one cycle by another doctor. My husband thinks we should wait, I'm ready now. Has anyone conceived after their d&c and only after one cycle post d&c?

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  • Plleriti1 said:

    I'm no help here. I had one cycle 4 weeks after my D&C. It was totally normal but then started up two days after it ended for another week. The next cycle was normal plus one extra day of spotting. We conceived immediately following that. And bonus- we had sex once on cycle day 10. We don't have a problem conceiving...I'm just worried my "carrier" is broken. Hopefully not this time!

    Do you have children ?
  • Correction: we waited one full cycle (July) before trying in August.
  • Yes I did! My doc said to wait for one cycle after my d&c and boom I got pregnant that cycle. So far doing fine, in my 8th week.
  • I got pregnant after my 1st cycle. I'm 5 weeks now and am feeling fine. Good luck xxx
  • I also got pregnant after my first cycle and an 5 weeks now. My first doctor's appt is in a few days and I'm hoping for the best. I had a D&C after my loss in July. Had my first AF in August and am 5 weeks now!! Hoping we all have happy and healthy babies!
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