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I'm hoping Labor Day is "labor" day

I've been having nightly inconsistent contractions for about a week now. Have lost my mucus plug in pieces over the past week. Intense pelvic pressure and extreme exhaustion. Wouldn't mind having a baby on Labor Day lol. I know I'm not the only one lol!

Re: I'm hoping Labor Day is "labor" day

  • Ha! My new doctor (who has a never ending supply of "dad' jokes) was telling me how he's really holding out for a patient to go into labor on Labor Day :) 

    Hope you're on your way, soon! 
  • You and me both! Good luck! ;)
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  • My due date is September 8th so labor day would be great!!
  • me too! I'm also the 8th but one day early would be nice!
  • My due date is Labor Day! I really really hope to meet the little man on time :)
  • I'm hoping labor day comes early!
  • I was actually born on Labor Day so it would be cool is my son came early and was born on labor day too!
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  • Crossing fingers !!!
  • Yes yes! It would be great
  • My due date is the 8th so it's possible I'll go into labor on labor day, but I've been told statistically first time moms go a week late :(
  • I'm due on Labor Day! Hoping my baby boy decides to make an appearance but from the looks of it, he's very comfortable where he's at.
  • I have a scheduled c-section on Labor Day!
  • I'm due tomorrow (the 5th) with absolutely no signs of impending labor, so a Labor Day baby is possible!

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  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed for labor day too!! My due date is 9/12 but I'd be happy with any day now :) Come on little girl!!
  • My due date of tomorrow so I'm ask for this baby arriving this weekend. My best friend flew into town for the week to hopefully catch the birth and I really don't want to go super late and have her miss it. I feel like I spent this whole pregnancy being baby to bit come early (we literally just moved last week!) And now it's starting to occur to me that baby could be legit late and... Cue panic, I guess. Come on labour day weekend!!!!
  • I am 40 weeks tomorrow so I am hoping this weekend I have this baby! labor day sounds perfect! good luck to us!
  • Due on Labor Day and so ready to get this over with. *Fingers crossed*
  • I'm hoping for the same. We found out we were pregnant on Christmas, announced it on Valentine's Day, and did our gender reveal on Easter. Think a Labor Day baby would complete the holiday theme. Plus that's two days past my due date and a day before my induction date. Come on out little holiday baby!
  • I have a feeling this baby is holding out for Labor Day as well. We were due on the first and went into early labor on the 31st. No change in that since.
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