Pregnant after a Loss

Scared... Anxious.... Praying

Hello. I am new here. 
I was pregnant back in March but had a miscarriage around 4.5 weeks which was discovered when I began cramping and bleeding. 
Tried and finally got a BFP last Thursday. I called a local OB office (we just moved here) and I was able to get betas drawn. The ob called and said they were at 37 and my progesterone was a little low, so she called me in some suppositories. 
I went two days later and they went to 117. She said she wouldn't need to see me again until 7 weeks! What!?!?! That was on Saturday. But on Monday I called and begged the nurse to let me have another draw and explained how stressed I was. So she called me with the #'s and I went to 388! However, I am in between insurance right now so I have to wait until we are approved and then I can go back. 

I have somewhat sore boobs, headache and some waves of nausea... but that could also be from the suppositories right?
I also have a pretty consistent painful spot right where my left ovary would be, which I get throughout my cycle typically, and I have been getting mild period type cramps on and off - which are FREAKING me out!

Anyone else with me here? 

Re: Scared... Anxious.... Praying

  • I think we are all freaking out- first to be pregnant again, second, from the fear of losing our little one! I'm right there with you re: cramping.
    Welcome on board and Hope you can see a doc again soon!
  • Thank you kimey1! I know.. my first pregnancy I was soooo unaware of fears. The second one as well until it happened and this time? Forget about it...  My husband asked me when I would be excited and feel secure about this pregnancy... and I honestly had no answer. 
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  • I didn't really have noticeable symptoms until 6 to 8 weeks
    I was put progesterone for the first with this pregnancy, I am 28 weeks now.
  • Thank you Ash! That is helpful
  • PlainJane8350PlainJane8350 member
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    I had zero symptoms from my suppisitories, hopefully that makes you feel better! And the only pregnancy symptoms I noticed early on, that we different from a period, were heart palpitations and waking up with an appetite (I'm not usually a breakfast person).
  • Thank you Plain Jane!

  • I had more cramps than I have had before with this pregnancy between 4 and 7 weeks. I tried to tell myself that it was because of growth, because logically, it probably is, but that didn't help my anxiety much. Before my first appointment, I had myself convinced that I had an ectopic, a blighted ovum, or that my BFP was remnants from my loss (I got pregnant after a d&c without a period). After those fears were not confirmed, I moved to new fears like we would never get a heartbeat or once we did, we would lose it again. I am now in the 'safer' zone, but I have decided the only safe zone I will appreciate (I hope) is when I have my baby in my arms. I am 16 weeks now and still worried I will have a late mc or deliver too early, then of course there are the possible birth complications....i also took progesterone and after the first day or two, I was a little bloated, that went away and the only symptom I had from the suppositories was spotting (yay for more worries!). You are probably over thinking it all like we all do, it unfortunately is part of PGAL it seems.
  • I'm sorry that you're worrying so much, @rachrobertson, but it makes me feel so much more "normal!"
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