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Heartburn relief!!

I've had the worst heartburn for months now, like the kind that keeps you up all night till you drag yourself to sleep in the recliner. Anyway a friend recently told me about papaya and it's been working! I've just been snacking on dried papya several times a day (along with not drinking water close to bed time) and I've been doing great. So just wanted to share incase anyone else was having that kind that there's not enough tums in the world for.

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  • Chewing gum helps too
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  • My prenatal yoga teacher also suggested papaya enzymes (they come in chewable tablet form). I just started with them yesterday, hoping it does the trick!
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  • Did your normal grocery store sell dried papaya?
  • I will have to try this out! Thanks for the tip.
  • Almonds have helped with my heartburn.  I eat 4 or 5 after every meal or snack.  
  • Did you have to go to a specialty store for the dried papaya trader Joes is kinda far but would be worth the drive to get some relief!
  • I found some at Kroger in the section with dried fruits, nuts and candy. I'm sure at whole foods or trader joes you could find w/o added sugars the ones I got so have sugar so not the best but whatever it's working and I'm not too concerned about sugar.
  • I need to try this! Thanks for the tip. My heartburn has been killer since day 1. It has been the most brutal and constant symptom of pregnancy for me. :(

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  • I forgot about the papaya enzymes!  I used those with my first pregnancy and they helped.  This time I've been using Braggs apple cider vinegar.  I usually put a tablespoon or two into 8+ ounces of water and drink before bed.  Tastes like drinking salad dressing to me.  If you can stomach that, it seems to work. 
  • Will have to try the papaya. My dr just prescribed tagamet but i dont know how i feel about taking it. I had two days of heartburn last week that caused me to vomit and dry heave. It was awful. I didnt know heartburn could get that bad.
  • heartburn is so real--and so constant. i've started just sleeping propped up on ALL of my pillows. even bland food has given me heartburn... I may have to go get me some papaya... I've never had it before so it could be fun trying a new fruit as well. 
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  • Cucumbers helped me too! I get the worst heartburn especially at bed time and the cucumber works like magic. I eat one really huge watery one lol
  • My aunt was a member of a preggo group a few years ago, and they discovered this magical soda that is amazing and magical. I have about 1/3 of a bottle with dinner (it has a lot of sugar), and haven't had middle of the night heartburn since! It's a bit pricey, and can be hard to find, but it is worth it.
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  • You just have to think your baby's are going to be born with beautiful heads of hair. I think I'm going to have another bald baby. DD did really get hair until she was 18 mo old, but I loved my bald beauty.
  • Stupid question and not sure if anyone would know, Dr Google only got me so far. Would papaya enzymes jack up your sugars or if it's just a pill form has little affect that way? I know the absurdity of this question but might hit a crapshoot on someone knowing the answer.
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    Tums and a small glass of milk... Unless you have been trying that... If you have try asking your OB to prescribe ranitidine.. It's safe during pregnancy and it helped a lot and it's helping now that it's back even worst then before... But milk if you have too much can actually make it worst.. But it does give relief in small amounts.. Just don't drink a half gallon of milk and you will be ok!! A small 8oz glass should be fine though...
  • After going through a jumbo pack of tums in 2 weeks, I bought some Zantac tonight. I just took one and it was like magic! But it was a little hard on my tummy since I also had 2 Tylenol. But the relief is almost instant!

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  • After going through a jumbo pack of tums in 2 weeks, I bought some Zantac tonight. I just took one and it was like magic! But it was a little hard on my tummy since I also had 2 Tylenol. But the relief is almost instant!

    Can you take Zantac during a flare up and it almost instantly go away or does it take a second and then just block the next flare up? I'm genuinely asking because I don't know... I know with ranitidine you can't take it during a flare up because then it won't work..
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