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Send some nestie dust my way- silly CL quest

I am obsessed w/ a certain vintage line of furniture. 

Right now I have a china cabinet, buffet, 4 chairs and a table.  We need more chairs- well I found a set for sale on CL w/ 6 chairs- including 2 arm chairs- 2 ppl are going to look @ it tomorrow- can you all mentally will these people to be no-shows? 

I know it's lame but I need all of the online karma I can get... I want to have a complete dining room for E's first birthday- and hey- CL is EF! 


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Re: Send some nestie dust my way- silly CL quest

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    Good luck - I bet those ppl don't want them as much as you, anyway, so you deserve them!
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    I seriously wrote the seller an e-mail that was like a cross between a college essay and the letter wannabe adoptive parents write a woman who is choosing who to give her baby to-

    it was something along the lines of- I have the cash and the set will have a nice home with a buffet and china cabinet that will keep it company... 

    I really hope the other ppl flake out.  

    Maybe there will be horrible weather and they won't make it. 

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    sending dust!
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    If they do take it, it just means something better is meant for you.
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    I know I should be rational but I will be very, very sad and pout if someone else buys it.

    They will be stealing it from me and I know they won't have as good a home for it- I have all of these fun friends for the chairs!  


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