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Children's Corner Learning Center in White Plains

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My daughter was attending this daycare for 3 months and I had to take her out. There were a few incidents and no one called me to informed me and whenever I used to question it the answer was "we don't know how it happened" which is not the answer a parent is looking to hear about their infant. It took me a while to realize that starting from the Director Jessica Morgan and her staff they have no clue of how important is to take care of babies. If I was you I will think about it twice before sending your child there. 

Re: Children's Corner Learning Center in White Plains

  • It's funny you mention that.  I visited back in maybe January or February of 2015 and did not care for the staff at all.  We went into one of the toddler rooms or infant rooms and there were 3 kids walking around the center of the room while one teacher sat against the wall and the other was feeding a child on the other side of the room and they were talking about their personal lives.  They didn't even acknowledge us when we were in there.  I feel like the staff should at least be friendly when you are doing a tour.  We ended up at the new one in Purchase, which had a great director, although she left recently for personal reasons.  So far, the new director seems ok, but I totally agree with your thoughts on the one in White Plains.  I actually drove an hour out of my way so that my sister in law could watch my son, instead of sending him to the White Plains location, while I was waiting for the Purchase location to open.  Glad to know we made the right decision by not sending our son there.  We were unfortunately very limited in where we could go because we were only looking for 1 day per week.
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