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Hi my name is Tara
I have a two month old son, and he has trouble falling asleep at night. I don't know if I should start the letting him cry it out? Yet. Also I've been putting him to sleep by rocking and having the pacifier. Are those things not good for him to get use to when he is trying to sleep?

Re: Sleeping

  • Two months is way too young to begin CIO, in my opinion.  They still need help falling asleep and rely on that comfort from you.  My pedi doesn't recommend CIO until they are at least 6 months old.

    Some suggestions to try (not sure if you have yet):

    White noise
    Let baby try to fall asleep on stomach and then turn him when he's asleep (of course, this has to be supervised at this age)
  • I agree with PP above.

    2 months old is a really hard age. I think that birth - 4 months is by far the hardest for sleep. You literally have to do whatever you can and whatever works to get your LO to sleep at this age. But don't be surprised if sleep sucks because that's how it goes when they are this young.

    I still rock my 11 month old before naps and bed because I love it. If that is working for your LO  then keep doing it. YOU ARE NOT CREATING BAD HABITS. My one piece of advice for new parents is to do what works for YOUR child and don't listen to anyone else.

    Hang in there but please, please don't let your 2 month old CIO.

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