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neosure vs enfacare

which one worked best for your child? I know every one is different but just curious. We were on neosure and he seemed miserable trying to get poops out, etc I heard enfacare was more gentle but now he hasn't popped in over a day and cried all morning... Is currently up now straining like crazy and more gassy. I hate fortifying with this stuff!! :( have to use one of these for my preemie right now although I wish I could just high calorie mix a more gentle kind

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Re: neosure vs enfacare

  • I'm sorry, I haven't heard of either of those. I used Enfamil with my daughter and then went to the store brand Enfamil.


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  • I have 4 month old boy triplets who have been using enfacare since they were 5 and 6 weeks old. We have had a few issues like reflux and constipation and straining, like you mentioned. Our oldest would be miserable and wouldn't eat well because he was so backed up and in pain. I have not tried the neosure, but since we started using the probiotic, Biogaia everyday he has had far less problems and eats much better. We use it for all three and give them 2 drops in their bottle in the morning. They all are now regular and much more content. With the high calorie formulas I think there is a risk of some babies being backed up, but we did take him to see a gastoenterologist at our pedi's recommendation. By the time we got in the to see him our baby was already doing much better. He did say major constipation is slightly abnormal at this age and he did not think it was caused by the formula. He said prematurity can even cause the digestive system to develop slowly. I would recommend speaking with your pediatrician if your baby is still that uncomfortable. It's hard to watch them strain like that! Best of luck and I hope you figure out the best fortifying combo!
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