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frusterated with ob

i have been so dizzy and getting miagraines, and not feeling well at all. I had higher blood pressure pre pregnancy, and now it's higher and she checked it today and all she said was 'that's higher'
no talk of medications, nothing.
I was really excited for my appointment today for hopefully some answers.
my ob completely dismissed everything I had to say and rushed through our appointment.
I am going to my family doctor to discuss my symptoms and to hopefully be referred to a new ob.

Re: frusterated with ob

  • I would look at changing OBs as well. Blood pressure is definitely nothing to mess with during pregnancy. I also have high blood pressure and was on meds before I became pregnant. Before I had my first ob appointment I went to my family doctor about changing to a pregnancy safe bp meds. They were working great up until this week where it's been high. I check it myself at home and will be discussing this with my ob at my appointment on Wednesday. I hope your family doctor is able to at least give you something for the bp before u get to a new ob.
  • Agreed. If you don't feel comfortable ask questions and get other opinions. Nothing more frustrating than not being heard.
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    I actually broke up with my ob today. My original obgyn transferred my entire care to a high risk clinic. He felt very uncomfortable with my case and didn't feel like monthly high risk consultations would be enough.

    The high risk clinic, though, doesn't seem to be well suited to be someone's primary ob. I have not had a single appointment since I found out I was pregnant that was longer than 15 minutes. They have provided no information on nutrition, office policies, elective testing, or even a general timeline of what to expect. As a ftm, it's been frustrating, but I took it with a grain of salt. I decided to advocate for more information, and she told me to google whatever I was looking for. And on top off all of this, she has never been able to locate a heart beat by doppler or in-office ultrasound, and has just told me not to worry, because she knows he's just wriggling in there. But the last straw was a combination of missing a uti, and neglecting to test my thyroid when it was due to be checked (even though I asked), and ending up in the er yesterday because of it.

    So I say switch now, don't wait until something goes wrong. It's not worth it!
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  • I agree, if you are frustrated, unhappy, and do't feel like you are recieving the care you need it is much easier to switch earlier rather than later. Pregnancy can be such an emotion and stressful time, even if this particular issue gets resolved it can make it hard to relax with and trust the ob thru the rest of the process. I would recommend shopping around for a new ob if possible, or at least having a long talk with the receptionist booking the first appt to get a feel for the new practice and how visits will go before you make a switch. Ask as many people in your area that you can find what their experience was like with different practices, because its sometimes easy for a doc to tell you what you want to hear, only to find out later that thats not really what happens. Good luck!
  • I've heard plenty of times that your OB can really make or break your pregnancy experience, so if you don't like or trust your OB it is definitely time to find a new one. DH and I chose someone out of network for my healthcare because of the drastic difference of care I was receiving, and to us it is worth paying more for someone I'm comfortable with.
  • I switched at 19 weeks because I moved to a different state. I didn't love my old OB, but a month into the new one, it is like a completely different world - she and her office are amazing. I definitely recommend switching if you are in love with your current. Do some research first so you choose one that is a good fit for you.
  • My Bp has been in the 130s & 140s over 70s, and my doctor has not expressed any concern. He says it's fine and we just need to keep an eye on it. They test my urine at each visit for protein and sugar and it's been negative for both. I know that those numbers are above normal, but had just been assuming that my doctor knows what he is doing. Should I be more concerned?
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