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Partial Molar Pregnancy

Went in to our first appointment with the OB at almost 10 weeks and found out there was no heartbeat. I had had multiple ultrasounds with the fertility dr. prior to the appointment with the OB and we had seen multiple ultrasounds and heard the heart beat so finding out we had lost our baby was a complete shock. I had a D&C 3 days later and on my visit to the Dr. after D&C found out it was a partial molar pregnancy. Dr. said to monitor my HCG Levels closely for the next 3 months. Protocol was to go weekly until i hit 0 then 3 0's in a row and then 3 months of 0's in a row. The fertility dr. and OB both wanted to montior my HCG levels so i ended up getting them tested 2 times a week. 

The results were:
july 31- 49
August 3- 32
August 5- 15
August 10- 8
August 13- 4
August 17- 3 (AF)
August 20- 2
August 24 - 1
August 27-1
August 31 -4

I spoke with the nurse after the result was 1 on the 27th and she said it was negative so to retest in a month. Normally I wouldn't have gone in today to test but since the fertility dr. hadn't said to quit yet i went in anyway. The result was a 4. Could my partial molar cells be coming back and that's why I am at a 4 or could i be pregnant again? How fast would HCG show up after intercourse if i was ovulating? Has anyone had their HCG levels fall like mine and get to 1 then come back up?

Re: Partial Molar Pregnancy

  • So sorry for your loss.. I had a suspected partial molar.. They couldn't confirm it 100% from the pathology from the collected tissue from the D&C but it was a suspected one.. Anyway to me safe they had me check my levels weekly to 0- which took 5 weeks post d&c to get to.. Then every month thereafter I did monthly and stayed negative until I got pregnant again (which I also wound up losing)
    I will say from alllll the research I did on molars it is so rare that the tissue grows back and the few cases I did see that it happened they never went negative then back up..hopefully this helps.. Good luck to you!!
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