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Hospital/OB recs in Miami area

hi all! I'm 5 weeks pregnant and moving to coconut grove Miami in 2 weeks so am doing research on OB/GYNs as well as hospitals in the area. So far I was recommended to Dr. Oscar morales/Dr anna Davis who are part of South Florida Women's care and deliver at Baptist Hospital. I have read good things about Baptist but it seems to be just a little further away than some of the other hospitals. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best hospitals for birthing as well as OB's? Preferably female? I have read a lot about Miami having very high c section rates which makes me a little nervous. Any help is much appreciated as its hard to get recs from the few people I knew down there since I'm so early and not sharing with many people yet. Thanks so much!!!

Re: Hospital/OB recs in Miami area

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    I prefer male doctors. I am delivering at Baptist hospital. My doctor is Robert Safinski.
  • I went to Miami Center of Excellence for Obstetrics and Gynecology and saw the midwives there. I have mixed feelings about it but overall it was good care...just not real personal care. They deliver at Baptist and I had a wonderful experience with Baptist. I wanted a natural birth and I got it with no problem. They highly support immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding. Everyone there was really nice, caring, and supportive. I highly recommend Baptist.
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  • I'm sure you have found someone by now but I deliver at mercy (far from me, close to you) and use Miami obgyn who offices out of the hospital. I use dr. Guell amazing but love the rest of the staff as well.
  • I'm trying to find a doctor that has an affiliation with Jackson Memorial Hospital. Those maternity suites look fab! I'm also new to the area and already had a bad experience with Drs. Phillips and Roca. I never talked to the doctor, all of the nurse's manage their patients. After 1 too many mistakes and impersonal calls... I'm looking for another.
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  • Hi, I will also be delivering at Baptist, do you know if they have birth balls for mothers to labor on? Or should I bring my own? Thank you!
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    Anybody have thoughts/experience about Miami Birthing Center in North Miami? I'm just starting to research but interested in a natural birth.
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