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25 weeks/not showing/B-belly rant!

So, I've been reading a lot of threads where people talk about how others remark on how big they are...

I am already about 50lbs overweight, so I have a B-belly.... I say something and people are like "oh! You're pregnant??" Yeah. Nearly 6 months!! Sorry I just look fat! I say something in response like "yep, I know... I just look fat." and then they get all apologetic and feel bad..... I don't want to be rude, but I wish I looked more pregnant so that it would be obvious!!!!!

Re: 25 weeks/not showing/B-belly rant!

  • I'm sorry you are feeling down about your body. I could never have imagined how I would feel about watching my body change and the weird insecurities that came with it. Try to be kind to yourself, your body is doing some amazing things. I will add, I started out small and I thought I was showing so big right away but only in the past 3 weeks have people actually started to notice. I'm 27weeks now.
  • I also have a B-Belly, and I do wish people could tell I was pregnant rather than just getting fatter. However, I don't really want the comments about how big I'm getting either!
  • @lynem29, very well said.
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  • I have a b belly and did with my son too. It's more noticeable to me this time but it's a little easier to hide under clothes. I gained almost 70 lbs during my previous pregnancy after struggling to lose before (I have PCOS). The thing I noticed though is pregnancy actually helped my insecurities. When I'd start thinking of the loose skin and fat and how awful my body looked I'd remember "but you know what? I had a baby. That's a beautiful amazing thing and my body is beautiful."

    Try to remember the same and be kind to yourself. Your body really is beautiful. Also even if you looked more obviously pregnant people will still make comments that will make you feel bad. Try to forgive them too. Maybe if you don't want to make them feel bad, instead of saying you look fat say "yes, I know it's deceptive."
  • Thanks, ladies! You're so encouraging!! I've actually lost like 10lbs with pregnancy, so to look fatter, but to have slimmed down everywhere else is so sad! I will try to be more positive. <3
  • Thanks!!! I probably should try that! I have 2 dresses that make me look preggo, ha! I should get more dresses, maybe.

    I do love the over belly pants.
  • Yes I would try to accentuate your bump more! I think sometimes people just don't want to assume that women are pregnant or say something wrong. I think it's true what a pp said, women can't win, were too big or too small or showing too much or not enough. Very annoying!
  • I have found that when I wear maternity clothes I look way more pregnant than if I just wear larger versions of normal clothes. Something about how maternity clothes are made, they just emphasize a bump. Play with some new styles, you'll get that bump!

  • For what it's worth, I started out extremely underweight when I found out I was pregnant. I've already gained 35 pounds, and to people who knew what I looked like before, it's pretty obvious, but to people who don't know me, they all still are surprised if I say anything, and ask if I'm "sure I'm pregnant".
  • I feel like I have more of a bump than I belly when I wear over the belly maternity jeans and a fit maternity shirt with rouging (sp?) on the sides. Whenever I get hard on myself my SO tells me, "you are most definitely pregnant Hun, I've felt the kid living inside you." Makes me feel a bit better.
  • I think it is tough even when someone looks pregnant. I am always hesitant in asking because I don't want to be wrong. Some people look like they are and really aren't (not really trying to be rude). I'm sure you are beautiful. :)
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