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travel advice for 8 mo old

So we planned on going to turks and caicos for a vacation. Baby will be 10 months.  My husband thinks its crazy now that we will be going with him so young.
Thinking about cancelling. 
Just wondering if anyone did a trip like this with a baby so young?

Re: travel advice for 8 mo old

  • We went to Hawaii w our lo when she was 6 months and it was fine. We brought some extra stuff (portable nursing pillow, beach tent & a floaty thing for the pool). I tried to keep her on a similar schedule to home.
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  • No I wouldn't. I don't think a trip like that would be enjoyable with a baby that young but the plane ride alone would stress me out big time. I couldn't even go to a cabin for 3 days with my 9 month old without it sucking really bad.
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  • I would say go for it -- when is the next time you will be able to do it? Once you have a toddler or a second kid things will only get wilder. At least now your baby is pretty portable and arent trying to run around the plane :)

    If you have the money to do it, why not? Make sure to get some cute sandy butt pictures!

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  • Now is the best time to travel before they start walking. Bring beach tent for shade and naps and floaty.  Life goes on with baby and it makes every experience even better. It will be challenging to travel on plane, adjust schedules, and bedtimes but it's all worth it to create new memories. 

    What's the alternative? Sit at home? Just Do It.
  • We flew across the country at 5-6 mos old. It was fine. I recommend buying baby a seat on the plane though. Was much easier on the leg of the trip they had an open seat.
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