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Is this Normal ?

So I'm a 27 weeks with my first ! And haven't had the best pregnancy ! Still get pretty sick and etc. but last night I was laying in bed and got a horrible cramp like feeling in my lower tummy and back at the same time ! It hurt pretty bad but I'm also not one for pain ! It lasted for a little bit then went away ! Is that normal ? Could it be like a Braxton kicks ? I honestly don't know but I was worried !

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  • Sounds like round ligament pain. (The ligaments supporting your growing uterus.) It could also be a Braxton Hicks but those are normally described as a dull tightening. There have been a number of threads regarding round ligament pains and Braxton Hicks contractions. Try to search those two and you will get a slew of threads with some of the same symptoms you have described. But I am no doctor so if it is anything that has you overly concerned that it is not normal I suggest you call your doctor.

  • I've read that Braxton Hicks don't usually hurt and are more uncomfortable and they've never hurt when I've gotten them but everyone's different. It's likely round ligament pain but if it's extremely unusual for you, lasts longer than you expect it to (I get random aches or pinches and they go away within a few minutes so I never worry), occurs for several days in a row, or generally just freaks you out, give your doctor a call. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • My contractions felt like that last time. Nowadays, I feel like that when I am tired/dehydrated or if really need to poop ;) The fact that it was only once means it's probably nothing to be overly concerned about but make sure you're resting, drinking lots of fluids and bring it up at your next OB apt. Unless you start having them again, in which case call your OB.

  • When I lie down at night my LO likes to roll around and switch sides. Was it something like that? It kinda feels like a cramp when she does it, but I literally feel her swim and change positions.
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    I think I'm having them, not often but enough that I know it's not ligament pain. My belly gets really hard and I get kinda a hot flash. No pain but it does make me stop in my tracks. I see the doctor Thursday.
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