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T&Ps please!

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I went to the pharmacy to check my bp last night because I wasn't feeling well. It came back 150/93 so we went to emerge. They kept me there for a while & gave me bp medication, I went home for the night and had an appointment this morning, my bp was high again. They're monitoring me now and discussing induction because I'm having pre-e symptoms. I'm 40 weeks 4 days today, first time mom & so so nervous! My bp has been normal up until last night. Thoughts & prayers would be appreciated :)

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  • Praying with you!
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  • I just went through this same exact thing only postpartum. I am glad you recognized that you weren't feeling well and did not ignore the symptoms! Make sure you stay on top of it after baby is here if you don't feel well again, I never knew you can get pre-e after having the baby, but apparently you can!! Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way!

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  • Glad you were on top of your symptoms! T&P!
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  • Sending prayers your way!

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  • Praying for you and safe delivery of LO if they decide to induce!!
  • Thoughts and prayers!
  • Thoughts and prayers :)
  • Positive thoughts and prayers for you. Remember, no matter what decisions have to be made, you can do this momma! And the reward is a beautiful baby. ((Hugs))
  • T&P's for you!
  • I went through the same thing! At 39 weeks all of a sudden I started showing signs of pre-e. My doctors went ahead induced me. The good news is delivery usually makes it all better, but like mrs. Liz said keep an eye on it. I actually was released from the hospital the Monday after I had my son and went back 4 hours later. My blood pressure skyrocketed and I had to be readmitted! My thoughts and prayers are with you :) keep us updated. I know this stuff is no fun :(
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  • dpmm93dpmm93 member
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    Update: they are going to hold off on induction because things are looking a little better, they don't want to rush things & hoping baby will come on her own! They're keeping me for observation overnight. They just gave me the ok to get a bite to eat which is amazing after not being able to eat all day :) I feel so much better about everything now. There was a huge rush in the beginning but things have calmed down & baby is doing wonderful - no signs of distress :) Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers! It really means a lot! Will update if anything changes :)

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  • Good that all is well
  • Glad it's looking okay now!!!
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