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Haunted houses anyone?

So, this one is pretty silly, and I feel silly asking my doctor about it even though he is really cool and would probably just laugh at me and then answer.  I love Halloween time and haunted attractions, I can see how going to these 8-9 months pregnant could be a problem for many reasons such as close quarters, peeing myself, and going into labor due to jumping and getting scared.  But, I have never heard anyone talk about going to or not going to haunted houses while pregnant.  So, is anyone planning to attend any of these attractions before baby comes?  Thoughts on safety?

Re: Haunted houses anyone?

  • I remember going to one near me in the past. We had to fill out a waiver that specifically asked if we were pregnant, had heart issues, or were prone to seizures. So I would check the rules and regulations of the one you plan to go to first just to be sure.
  • Pretty sure most say no preggers allowed.
  • I love Halloween but I don't need any help peeing my pants ;)  I think I'd skip out this year!
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  • No fun allowed. Can't wait to do all the fun stuff afterwards! Missing the carnival rides this year will also suck! At least I'll have the food as a consolation prize :x
  • Not to be a party pooper, but I'd probably wait. My biggest fear is that it will be dark & you could fall. X_X
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  • We went to a haunted house once and they had a sign that said they wouldn't allow pregnant women through.
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