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Second Anatomy Scan

Hi all, I searched in the search box but didn't find anything similar so here goes.......Have any of you had to go back for a second anatomy scan because the doctor couldn't see everything they needed to see? They said what they did see looked fine, and he doesn't believe there's anything wrong, but the heart and some measurements, they still couldn't get.  I am a little nervous and have to go back in two weeks.  I just wanted to see if anyone else had experience with this.  I kind of feel like if he saw something wrong or that he was worried about he would have told me.
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Re: Second Anatomy Scan

  • Yes, I have to go back in 4 weeks because they couldn't get a good look of LOs face. So when I go back they'll check babies face to see if there's a cleft palate.
  • Plenty of us, I'm going for scan 2 today.
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  • Same thing here. I have to go back on Thursday for a second scan because my little peanut wasn't cooperating so the couldn't get a clear shot of his spine and kidneys. I met with my reg Dr today and he assured me everything they saw last time looked great they just want to be very thorough in the process to make sure they don't miss anything.
  • I also have to go back in 4 weeks. Doc assured me everything looks healthy and great, but my squirmy baby made it difficult to get all the measurements. It's not unusual. I'm not nervous, I'm happy to see my baby girl again. :D   
  • Same thing here. Going for my 2nd scan today. My first was at 19 weeks and they want to get a better look at organ development.
  • Am I weird that I kind of hope this happens to me now that I know it can? I'd love a chance to see the little guy or girl again!
  • Waiting for the final check-off from the radiologist, but the draft report looked complete according to my OB.
    If there's anything they want to re-measure they'll schedule another one, just to cover all the bases.

    If you've seen any of the posts on our board about problematic findings from the a/s, then you'll see that if they find an issue they tell you right away so you can decide whether to do further diagnostics. Try not to worry, sometimes babies just don't cooperate during ultrasounds and they only have a set amount of time to do them so they can stay on schedule.
  • Yes I am going back in 3 weeks for a second scan. I had my 20 week scan last week, and the baby was not fully cooperating. Everything that they did measure/see looks good, but they asked me to come back to get better views of the extremities, which they couldn't see well because of the way the baby was laying.

    If something was wrong or the dr. was worried I have no doubt they would have said something to you at the time. No need to stress, it sounds like this is pretty common based on the responses above.
  • Thanks Everyone, I guess it is more common than I thought! Being a FTM I had just never heard of it before.
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  • I go back in three weeks for a second anatomy scan.  The technician said everything looked great so far, and she was actually able to see a lot based on my small stature (who knew that had an impact).  The one thing she mentioned not being able to see was his chin.  Who knows, i'm just excited to see him again in three weeks!
  • I have to go back. My baby is upside down so we got a great look at his spine, but we couldn't see the other half of him! Silly baby
  • I just had my second. My OB actually insisted I have a second scan with a high risk doctor because baby was too darn wiggly (my full bladder and all) to see exactly what they needed on her heart. They did see a very small spot that reflected funny on US (Echogenic Foci). Went for our second scan last week and baby is still just as wiggly, the scan was extra long. Everything turned out perfect. And we had a blast giggling with the tech then comparing our 19 week scans to our 20 week scans!
  • I almost had to go back because they couldn't get baby to roll over so they were having trouble seeing the nasal bone, but last minute they got the pic they needed. I wouldn't worry! :)
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  • I just had my anatomy scan today and they said his feet looked funny. It could either be club feet or his feet were just pushed up against my uterus because he was in a corner (his legs were crossed...shocker). So I have to go back in two weeks.
  • I am going back next week for a cardiac scan (4 weeks after my a/s). The baby wasn't in a good position for a clear view of the heart. We were told the same thing as others that everything looked great and he didn't expect any problems with the cardiac scan.

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  • Not this pregnancy but with my son I had 3 anatomy scans to see all they needed. Enjoy the extra ultrasound and know it is totally normal :)
  • Completely normal. Sometimes baby doesn't cooperate or it is to hard bc of baby's size to get a decent view. If there was an issue, they'd let you know.
  • I have to go back this Thursday for a second which was 2 weeks after my first scan. When I spoke to my doc he said everything looked fine the tech just couldn't see the heart completely.
  • I had my scan 2 weeks ago and I have to go back in 2 weeks to recheck things. They couldn't see his nasal bone and also identified a calcium deposit in his heart.
    Seems like a lot of things aren't identifiable or babies just don't cooperate and have to be rescheduled.
    Praying for calmed hearts for all you ladies in the long wait till the scan! <3
  • I had one at 16 weeks and will have another at 20 weeks because she was still too small and wiggly to get a good up-close view of every part of the heart.

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  • With my first LO they said I'd have to come back in a week and try again. I politely said no thank you and asked her to try again. Lol. I wasn't taking the day off so they could get a better look at his lips. Especially since it took a day away from my paid time off after baby was born. (Teacher) They ended up getting the picture a few minutes later :)
  • Ha . I wish I could get a second one . ( I just love seeing her each time we get an ultrasound) . My little one wasn't exactly being cooperative but my tech was bound and determined to see what she needed to see, so she kept right on working until my baby let her get a peek at everything
  • I will be going back in two weeks. I have two large fibroids growing in uterus with baby! I have been told fibroids will cause echo's and shadows during u/ until scan is complete, all others are on hold! By the way...I am just a day or two shy of 20wks and transferred to high risk doc because of the fibroids!
  • I actually was just scheduled for a second ultrasound because they saw a red spot on the baby's heart. Has anybody else had this before?All my blood work was negative for DS and MD assured me that sometimes they dissapear has anyone had a similar case. I am a nervous reck!!!!
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    I have to go back in 3 weeks for a fetal echo...the maternal fetal specialist said she couldn't see ALL views of the heart, that nothing concerned her, but bc I'm a epileptic on 1 antiseizure med, they must check it. Due to the fact that the meds can cause heart defects. I'm Def freaking out. I would say to others, don't wish for the need of more scans... you'll see your baby soon enough. The scary things we have to deal with is not-fun enough. That's all :-) good luck to all mommies :)
  • I had to go back a week later and spent the whole time worrying! All was well and no issues were found. I guess not only does the baby have to be in the right position but they have to be willing to move during the ultrasound so they can see all the angles! So try not to worry!
  • I had my anatomy scan on August 5th at 19wks2days, my doctor referred me for another scan for this Thursday- September3rd at 23wks3days. Thankfully, my baby girl is perfect but they were concerned with my cervix length being to short and don't want me to have her before my due date (Dec28th).
  • Going back next week also. There's one image that needs a clearer view. Excited but nervous although doc reassured me everything looked perfect.
  • Yes , I had to Go back too for additional views of the heart . It was because the baby was in a bad position for viewing on the first scan. Everything is fine !
  • Yep! I had my anatomy scan on 8/26 and she was spine up and breech. I have to go back 9/8 for another scan bc they couldn't see her face or heart
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