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Just had to share about LO's sleep!

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Yesterday baby (he is 7 weeks) was the most alert and interactive I have ever seen him. He napped on and off all day but didn't have his usual 4 hour stretch in the middle of the day which was really nice because we were with family so they got to se him awake. Well, I gave baby a bottle around 10pm and he fell asleep around 10:30. The next time I woke up to him crying was 5:45 am! The sun was up! I feel like a new women today, seriously. I put on makeup, did my hair, I am totally recharged! I just had to share with you ladies. :)
Always hold on to hope ❤

Re: Just had to share about LO's sleep!

  • Congrats to you and I am jealous!!!! Just out of curiosity how much did he eat before going to bed? I am stressing about rearranging their eating when they finally start STTN
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  • he ate just under 4 ounces.
    Always hold on to hope ❤
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  • Yay! I know you feel like a new woman now that you got a good night's sleep.
  • 6w 3d old and my DD was up every hour to hour and a half last night. I am jealous of you but you give me hope.
  • My son is 3 weeks today and has only been getting up once a night. It's amazing! I feed him at 930 and he wakes between 315-4 to eat. I feed him and then back to bed til I wake him at 730 for the day.
  • Yea it's nice when they finally get the hang of things ;)
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  • We had a five hour stretch from DS last night - yay! But of course I kept getting woken up by him making newborn noises and DD shouting out about random crap. But at least I have hope this one will be a better sleeper!
  • Hope the sleep keeps up and doesn't revert back.
  • Jealous! But so happy for you.
  • That's awesome!!!!!
  • This happened to be last night! LO had his bris yesterday (ritual jewish circumcision) he slept for about four hours after it. But then was really awake and alert. I nursed him for about 35 mins at 1030 then he slept from 11pm and 6am my hubs and I were shocked!!!! DH went to go get him and was like 'when was the last time he was up?' Thinking he had just slept through it. Now he is back to sleeping but on my chest this time. I feel awesome lol.
  • Miz_Liz said:
    image Just kidding....well...kind of. I am sitting up with Little Miss No-I-Will-Not-Sleep-Anywhere-But-In-Your-Arms-So-Don't-Even-Try-To-Put-Me-Down-Bitch. Oh and DH is snoring next to me, which I'm not going to lie, kindof makes me want to sniff him out with his own pillow. #LovingLife
    LOL ! Listen! that's why I was so shocked! This little brat doesn't like to sleep anywhere unless he is on someone, but not just anywhere....this little prince needs to be vertical with his head on a shoulder. #futureshouldersurgery
    Always hold on to hope ❤
  • I got a 4 1/2 stretch last night then a 3 1/2. And she's going in 4 now. I feel awesome. She's a catnapper tho and sleeps exactly 30 mins during the day.
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