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GTKY: When and why did you join TB?
Married 8.5.12
Caleb born 10.9.13
2.0 due 2.1.16

Re: *Monday Ticker Change*

  • Weeks/Fruit: 18 weeks, sweet potato (oh my gosh that seems big!!)

    Symptoms: Nothing really. I guess some heartburn.

    Appointments: Anatomy scan on Sep 15

    Crappy: We didn't have power all weekend (huge wind storm!), it was out for just shy of 36 hours in my neighborhood, so I didn't get any schoolwork done. I have a deadline looming and I'm freaking out a little and planned to get a ton done and couldn't (it's all online).
    Happy: Power came back! Finally! Last night around 10. It was a huge relief, we were running a generator intermittently to keep our food cold. So thankful it's back on!

    GTKY: I joined TB when I was pregnant with my first just to read baby articles and see the fruit every week. I lurked in my first BMB for months before posting regularly. The rules were a lot different back then and people were way more vicious and BGs/mods didn't care so it was terrifying!
    I'm glad I worked up the nerve because now some of the ladies on my old BMB are really close friends.
    Married 8.5.12
    Caleb born 10.9.13
    2.0 due 2.1.16
  • Weeks/Fruit: 16/Avocado

    Symptoms: Just a little cramping, super hungry all the time

    Appointments: Two today! First is an OB appt at 9:30 and then a sex reveal at 3:00.... I'll keep you updated :)

    Happy/Crappy: Crappy: Had to go to the ER this weekend because of spotting, cramps, and low back pain, turns out I have bacterial vaginosis and a polyp on my cervix. Was placed on bed rest until my appt this am. But.... Happy: Baby was doing fine! :) Also I finished my International Relations class this week and took my language test for my job and got the highest score you can get on it (which is awesome because I get paid based on the score). Yay!

    GTKY: When and why did you join TB? I think around 6 or 7 weeks, I wanted to be part of a community of other moms going through the same changes as me, and it's really helped me out. Especially because I'm a FTM so I have no idea what to expect. I have really enjoyed TB :)
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    Weeks/Fruit: 14 weeks, lemon

    Symptoms: headaches, tiredness coming back more again

    Appointments: nothing til midwife on 22/9 then 20 week scan on 13/10 - so far away!

    Happy/Crappy: crappy that school starts tomorrow - no more day time naps or going to the loo whenever I want!

    GTKY - I joined around week 6, so reassuring to see what others are going through and realise what symptoms are normal.

    EDITED - cos half of it vanished when I clicked done!
  • @jaimeruns: Yay for finding out the sex today! Do you think you know one way or another? Do you have a preference?
    Married 8.5.12
    Caleb born 10.9.13
    2.0 due 2.1.16
  • Weeks/Fruit: 17 weeks, onion

    Symptoms: Trouble sleeping the last few nights, RLP and growing pains, back pain, and my FEET hurt so bad this weekend when I was doing a lot of running around/moving and organizing stuff.

    Appointments: Anatomy scan is 9/25

    Crappy: I'm at work on my birthday. Boo!
    Happy: This is my last week of work before a week-long vacation, and my coworkers are making me feel super loved today- cupcakes, lunch, gift, card signed by everyone. Very sweet!

    GTKY: I joined right after my BFP 5/29. Lurked for a while to get information and see what others were going through, then opened an account with a new username a few weeks later, lurked a little more, then started posting. I wasn't sure how involved I would get but I am really enjoying the community and support!

  • Weeks/Fruit: 15 weeks / Navel Orange

    Symptoms: had some brown spotting which started on Friday, none on Saturday, and little on Sunday. Nothing really today and I hope it stays that way forever. Other than that, RLP and cramps here and there, and my body aches when I wake up.

    Appointments: This Wednesday - went last Friday for the spotting and following up on Wednesday

    Happy/Crappy: meh, it's Monday. ZzzZzz

    GTKY: When and why did you join TB? I joined when I found out I was pregnant in February, but had a MMC. I was on The Knot before and I figured why not? :)

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  • Happy birthday @pbtoast!




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  • Weeks/Fruit: 15, apple

    Symptoms: cramping, SI joint and hip pain. It's way too early for this already!

    Appointments: two weeks. One month until the a/s.

    Happy: we turned DDs car seat around today. She seems happier and it's easier for me to get her in and out.

    Crappy: I have SO much cleaning to do today and a long work week.

    GTKY: I joined TK 7 or 8 yrs ago when wedding planning, was on TN very sporadically between, then TB 4(?) yrs ago when TTC#1.



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  • Weeks/Fruit: 16 weeks/avocado

    Symptoms: felt kind of nauseous this morning but feeling better now and not much else besides constant thirst

    Appointments: 16 week check up today went well, got to hear a nice healthy heartbeat. next one is in 3 weeks when we finally do the anatomy scan!

    Happy/Crappy: pretty happy, just had a very yummy lunch and am about to read some information i got on my personal birth plan 

    GTKY: When and why did you join TB? Joined The Knot in 2010 after getting engaged, didn't visit The Bump until I got the BFP
    Married: 8/25/12
    Started TTC: 1/1/14
    BFP: 6/1/15
    Baby Girl Athena Born: 2/7/16

  • Happy birthday @PBtoast :) All the cake for you!!!
    Married 8.5.12
    Caleb born 10.9.13
    2.0 due 2.1.16
  • Weeks/Fruit: 14 weeks/Lemon

    Symptoms: Generally I feel pretty good.  Today I have been kinda tired (case of the Mondays) and ever since I got home I have a large headache right behind my left eye

    Appointments: nothing until my 17 week check on 9/22

    Happy/Crappy: Happy this is my last week working extra hours so I will get my day off back starting next week and we got Dilly bars at work today :D  Crappy: currently my headache is making me feel pretty crappy

    GTKY: When and why did you join TB?  I joined around 10 weeks.  I have been using the Ovia pregnancy app and love it, but wanted to have a community of women to gain information from being a FTM.


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  • Weeks/Fruit: 16/ avocado

    Symptoms: hangery if I don't get a chance to snack.

    Appointments: Friday and then I will scheduled my anatomy scan after.

    Happy/Crappy: my oldest DD turned 8 today/ my job is rough and I'm stressed out. Ironically I work for chiropractors who are all about wellness and no stress. Umm I think I missed that in the employee manual.

    GTKY: When and why did you join TB? My last pregnancy. I needed some support my H isn't supportive so needed some other way to get it.
  • Weeks/Fruit: 14 weeks/Lemon

    Symptoms: Mostly just tired but super glad to finally keep food down.

    Appointments: In 2 weeks. (16 week check up)

    Happy/Crappy: I have 2 kids that I homeschool and have my own business. I'm probably going to have to put my business on the back burner for a bit. It's exhausting to keep up with everything. (I'm a photographer)

    GTKY: When and why did you join TB? I joined around 4 weeks pregnant and I'm mostly a lurker. I joined to find people due the same time I am. (2/29/16-Leap Day)

  • Weeks/Fruit: 14 weeks / Lemon

    Symptoms: Headaches and still tired

    Appointments: Sept 22nd

    Happy/Crappy: Happy: I got 3 chores done today and I still have some energy left! Crappy: I thought I was done with MS, but it showed its ugliness twice this week :(

    GTKY: When and why did you join TB? I joined TB when I was pregnant with my son, but I just lurked last time- trying to be a bit more active this time around.
  • Weeks/Fruit: 18 weeks, sweet potato

    Symptoms:  Headache.  I had one that lasted 2 weeks.  Tylenol and caffeine did nothing.

    Appointments: I had my OB visit and an ultrasound.  Baby was measuring a few days behind so they asked me to come back in another week and 1/2 to do the ultrasound again.  Um, SURE!

    Crappy: What I want for this LO does not equal my budget.  Need to rein in the spending.  Eek.

    Happy: My job.  I started a new position in early May with the company I've been with forever and I seriously have never loved my job and boss as much as I do now.  I might actually feel bad taking 16 weeks out of work.  But not that bad...  

    GTKY: I joined TB when I was pregnant with my first.  I lurked for a long time before I actually posted.  And a few months after I started posting most of my BMB left for FB.   

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