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Funny and Embarrassing! (possible TMI)

Oh my word! Well this is a first for me as a FTM . . . yesterday the hubbs and I were getting busy and as I . . . you know . . . my left breast leaked on him (he said more like it squirted)! I knew this was bound to happen eventually, but I wasn't expecting it at 17 weeks! I didn't even notice, I was a little distracted, but he burst out laughing and I was like, what is going on . . . then I saw it and although the laughter killed the mood it was pretty darn memorable! However, now I'm a little paranoid about him squeezing my breasts because I could leak all over the place. Oh well, at least I know my body is preparing as it should!

Re: Funny and Embarrassing! (possible TMI)

  • Haha! That happened to me when I was breastfeeding. Definitely killed the mood!
  • Really lol? Already that's awesome!
  • Ha! Yup, it happens during BFing! My boobs are kind of a no no zone while I'm BFing. Poor hubby.

    Glad you were able to laugh!
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  • Ha! Yup, it happens during BFing! My boobs are kind of a no no zone while I'm BFing. Poor hubby. Glad you were able to laugh!
    I was so surprised it happened this early! This is my first pregnancy, and I know it can happen (especially while BFing) but I wasn't expecting it until maybe the third trimester! Oh the joys :) lol
  • I noticed dried crusties on my nipple in week 13! Completely freaked me out. Totally admit to googling nipple infections. Doctor said nothing to worry about. I've been wearing nursing pads and cleaning throughout the day with warm water ever since because they get so itchy from the dried leakage.
  • So early, that is bananas! Between being pregnant and extended breastfeeding, my husband says he hasn't had proper access to my boobs since like late 2012.
  • Been there! So awkward the first time but not that big of a deal. I usually just kept my bra on after that though haha!
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  • Oh jeez. I just hit 17 weeks today! Now I'm a little scared lol. ^-^
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    I'll be 16 on Tuesday and today noticed that both breasts are producing colostrum (a small amount I only noticed while dressing after a shower) Doctor says its normal and even a good sign! I'm a second time mom but it's been 6+ years and at first I thought something was very wrong! Hah good luck to all of us. Also I hope you all can appreciate this :)
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