The Bump wants to hear your Baby Registry Advice! — The Bump

The Bump wants to hear your Baby Registry Advice!

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Hey, Moms of Multiples!

The Bump is working on creating a guide for moms-to-be all about Baby Registries. No one knows the ins-and-outs of Registries better than moms who have already put theirs together!

If you could talk to a mom-of-multiples-to-be, what advice would you give her about registering? 

From must-have items she absolutely needs to include to items that aren't necessary, we want to hear all your Registry tips and tricks! 

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Re: The Bump wants to hear your Baby Registry Advice!

  • The Twingaroo twin baby carrier was the best gift I could have gotten! The carrier is the hold babies 10 lbs to 35lb twins. You carry one in the front and one in the back. Plus there is a diaper bag attached! The company that sells them is called Stuff 4 Multiples ( and they have so much more amazing twin stuff!
  • Lucie's List just started a Multiples section and has a registry guide just for multiples!

    Mono/Di Twin Girls 35 weekers <3 <3  March 2015

    Lucie's List Multiples

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  • Have you used it? I am scared of carrying one in the back. I was looking at the weego have anyone used that one? 
  • An awesome double stroller (we used BJCM) and rock n plays were my twin must haves!
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