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Pain in vagina

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For a couple days now, I've been having achy pains in my lower back, vagina, legs, and lower abdomen. I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant. Last night was the worst, I couldn't even roll over or lift my legs to get out of bed, it hurts to even walk, I took tylenol to see if it'd help, it seems to have helped some but I still can't hardly walk without wanting to cry. Has anyone ever felt this way before?

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  • Congrats, you're pregnant, lol. If it's that dibilitating call your doc, they may be able to send you to PT or get you some massage to help. 
  • Sounds like round ligament pain to me. It will probably pass, and then show up again. I was experiencing this a few weeks ago for a week or so, and then it got better, and is now back following all of the abdominal pushing from the A/S.
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  • I'd go ask the dr because I had all of that and I went in and got checked and I actually had a yeast infection. It wasn't the total culprit but since I was treated my vagina and surrounding area feels much better. The rest is probably growing pains and rlp.
  • OMG! I am having the same problem! Mine is at times sharp shooting pain and then other times its pain right above my vagina, like an aching cramp that is at times more achy than others. I am 19wks4d. But it has only been for the past few days. I have a doctor's apt on Wednesday and I am going to ask about it. Hope yours gets better!
  • When I use to have my period I would get throbbing pelvis pain especially on the bottom part by my vagina. Now 22 weeks pregnant it feels the exact same. I know it's just pregnancy but damn it hurts I've been taking Tylenol but other than that can't do anything I work at target as a sales associate so I'm on my feet for 7 hours a night. Ugh maybe I will get use to it?
  • I'm sure you're fine. Lol yes , you're pregnant. I had all of that , sharp pains was the UTI and everything else was a yeast infection. Anything else, growing pains, round ligament pains and all that fun preggy stuff! Do make your Dr aware if you're worrisome or something seems off to you!
  • I am having similar pain too, when sitting in the car for a while (I commute about an hour and half to work) or when sitting at my desk for a long time..when I get up at first i get this sharp shooting pain in my pelvis and have to walk it off (which is agonizing at times). When I'm home and reclining on the couch it seems to go away and I sleep with a wedge pillow between my I'm thinking its the way I'm sitting at work and in the car...I see my doc on Monday and will bring it up..Based on google is may be SPD (Symphsis Pubic Disfunction) the pain is definitely where the symphsis pubic is...
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