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23 weeks/ oligohydraminos update/ saying goodbye

About a month ago I posted about our anatomy scan that our baby girls amniotic fluid was low and asked for prayers. We found out she has MCDKD ( cystic non functioning kidneys). Un satisfied we went to the top researchers at Johns Hopkins to see what could be done for little Gabby. Unfortunately, the answer is nothing at this time. Because she has kidneys she does not qualify for amnioinfusion ( only baby's without kidneys do). I am sharing this in case any other mom out there are looking for answers to their prayers. And as we prepare for our little girls funeral wanted to share with those who understand best the love we have for our precious angel. I'm going to be leaving to group but will be checking in from time to time to check on her birth mates and their mommys. I'm wishing for happy healthy uncomplicated pregnancy's for all of you. Please snuggle your baby's extra close for me in January. Sincerely,
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Re: 23 weeks/ oligohydraminos update/ saying goodbye

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