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Breastfeeding chair- worth it or not?

So, im tossing up wether or not to get a nursing chair. Our couch is a deep couch, you slouch when your back is against the backtrest. Any experienced mums bought one or wished they had? What are your thoughts?

Re: Breastfeeding chair- worth it or not?

  • I have no idea what a breastfeeding chair is! Just a rocker or glider? You will be breastfeeding a lot, but probably not always in the same spot. I don't think a specific chair is necessary, but if you don't think you will be comfortable nursing on your couch you may want to consider getting a different chair. Rockers are really nice to have when baby is little.
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    If your couch is comfortable then don't worry about a specific chair. We have two gliders in our house and while they were super comfortable, being able to recline on the couch the first few weeks was nice because DD took anywhere from 15-45 minutes each nursing session and the glider got uncomfortable after awhile. But if your couch gets uncomfortable, definitely look into another chair because you will be spending a decent amount of time the first couple weeks. Something that reclines would be my preference. 

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  • I bought a rocking recliner from LaZBoy specifically as a nursing chair but it's also in my living room so it's really just a nice comfy chair. I'm enjoying it a lot as the pregnancy goes further along anyway, really nice on the back. 
  • We already have a super comfortable reclining chair in our living room (which is my "spot" for watching tv already anyway) that I plan on using when downstairs anyway, and I figured when upstairs I'd just BF in bed (we plan on keeping her in our room for the first few months at least since our master is it's own level and I don't want to go downstairs while half-asleep to BF at 3am) and save the money since those gliders are expensive and I'd rather use the money elsewhere.

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  • We bought a glider that we are either going to put in our living room or nursery.

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  • When I read the title to this board I pictured a big recliner with tubes and suction cups for pumping built in. Breastfeeding chair? :P

    I need a recliner in my life. Will probably get one this weekend after payday. 

  • Going to get a cushioned rocker. Wal-Mart has one on their website for $99. I wasn't going to get one initially because the ones I saw at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby were too expensive.
  • Not useful . I breastfed for 3 years and it was never in the chair :)
  • We did get a rocking recliner that swivels and put it in the nursery but that wasn't until 4mos when ds moved from our room to his own. I do love the car and am so glad we bought it but that being said it isn't a necessity. I nursed everywhere; the recliner, deep couch with my feet propped on a coffee table or Indian style (sorry, criss cross applesauce ;) ), sitting on the floor, on our bed, in the car, or in a booth or at a table in a restaurant. Once the two of you get into a groove you may find that it is easy to get comfortable anywhere. Squishy pillows that can be molded to fit you are going to be your best friend. Behind your back, under your arm or the baby they help a lot. The Boppy wasn't comfortable for me because I'm short in stature and have a large chest.
  • I breastfeed in whatever chair is convenient and comfy. So I do recommend a comfy chair in the nursery for night feedings if that's what you mean
  • If your couch doesn't have recliners built in, I would at least recommend something you can prop your feet up on. My father in law built me a small nursing stool and I loved it. You can buy them too.
  • I'm inheriting an automatic reclining lazy boy.... We got it for my mom when she was in Hospice care at our family home.... It was nice for her because the legs and back go up and down with a button on a remote, either at the same time or separately. Sort of sad to be using that chair but at the same time, it's awesome and I know she'd be stoked I was using it..... They're pricey but I've seen em used on Craigslist. Note, it's definitely not cute lol.
  • I think it's worth it. I have a glider very similar to the one linked above, that I used in dd's nursery. BUT I plan on investing in a new recliner/rocker lazy boy for this time around. I spent many nights nursing and rocking my little girl in that glider and it was too hard/upright. The new chair will move between the nursery and living room so I'm matching it to our couches, and I plan on rocking my babies there for a long time :).
  • Thanks for your advice guys! I think ive decided I will get one, otherwise 1. There will be no chair in the nursery, 2. Whilst my sofa is coumfy, it will be tricky while im still getting the hang of it and there is no where else coumfy in the house, and 3. Im sure i will appreciate the privacy of having a chair while learning to breastfeed with all the visitors that have booked in to stay and help out!
    @Veronicab1985 now that you mention it, would a chair that expressed while you slept be lovely? Haha.
    And @amargaret24 i think your mum would love knowing her little grandie was receiving sustenance, love and cuddles in her chair! Obviously I don't have a chair, but Ill be using the knitted blankets ladies made for my mum when she was in hospice care at home too. Love that my little one will be able to use something that was my mums!
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