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Flying with infant

I used the search function and couldn't find anything about this specifically but was wondering if anyone has experience with flying with a newborn?

My best friend is getting married and wants me to be the matron of honor in her wedding and set her date which will be when our little guy is about 13-14 weeks old. I read some things about this and it seemed like people prefer traveling with a younger baby than older because they sleep more on the plane but the subject came up with my mom today and she was acting like it was crazy for me to fly with a baby and so bad for the baby and its risking his life. So now I'm concerned and just wanted some insight from other mamas.

Re: Flying with infant

  • Not crazy at all! Super easy! Be sure to bring birth certificate to fly. Binki in during take off and landing!
  • I flew with my son when he was about 8 weeks old. I just nursed him during take off/landing and he mainly slept the entire time. Try to get a non stop flight.
  • I flew quite frequently alone with DS in the first two years. It was definitely easier when he was younger. I would nurse him during take-off which put him to sleep and helped the pressure in his ears adjust. He would normally wake-up before descent. I would change his diaper, then nurse him while landing. When we arrived at our destination, he would be dry, full and happy. Worked out well for me. The only rough part of the trip, for me, was going through security since I was travelling alone.
  • I traveled with ds when he was about three month old. He was great! I just fed him on take off and landings and if he wasn't wanting to eat, used a paci. I traveled with him again at a little over a year old and it was a whole new ball game...


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  • Travel blogs have this broken down by age I think pinterest finds these articles better than google if you want to look for them. From what I've read younger children are easier to fly with than older ones.
  • I've flown with my daughter when she was really little and when she's a toddler, and it's absolutely easier when the babies are little. They sleep a lot more, and you can nurse/feed at takeoff and landing to help with ear pressure. Can also wear them at the airport a lot more and avoid the stroller (or use the stroller to put bags on and then check it at the gate which is what i did). I found that the easiest thing to do was take the snap n'go - it's basically the frame and the car seat. That way you have your car seat already and the frame is super light and collapses. And got these gate check bags from amazon (for about $20 each) to put both in to keep clean while on the plane. 
  • Thank you for the tips ladies! It's comforting to see its not a huge deal and some ideas on how to prepare for this.
    My mom was acting like if I bring my baby on a plane it's guaranteed he'd get sick and that just feels radical to me
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