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30 weeks - vibrating feeling in stomach

for the last few days I have felt a fast vibrating feeling in my stomach. It only last seconds but just wanted to see if anyone has felt this or knows what it is? I see my OB on Tuesday so I will ask her then....

Re: 30 weeks - vibrating feeling in stomach

  • I felt that last week, really low it vibrated like a super strong heart beat, it creaped me out, and at the same time I felt kicks at the belly button. It was synchronized like a clock.... I figured it was the hiccups I had never experienced before ?
  • Yes! I have had this. No idea what causes it, but read that the sensation is not uncommon.
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  • Yes!!! I forgot to ask my OB about this on Tuesday. I googled it though because I've had it happen a few times. From what I've found on Dr. Google it could be that baby is in a weird position and is trying to shake itself out or it is your uterus spasming.
    Ask your doctor and let us know! I'll try my best to remember to ask mine next week.
  • I have been having the same feeling!!!! I have an appointment in the morning and I'll ask my OB about it!! Will let everybody know when I ask her!
  • Yes I thought I was the only one, I get the vibrating feeling daily. I was first really concerned especially after some stuff I read on Google. I have a apt soon so I will ask then. But I also read somewhere that this women felt the sensation and once her son was born she realized he had a foot twitch that was completely natural and that was what the vibrating was.
  • I felt it a little earlier on. Around 22 or 23 weeks. Since it has gone away. Not sure what it is either.
  • Me too!  I'll ask my doc tomorrow, but the foot twitch thing sounds plausible.  My hubs has a twitchy foot too, maybe our kiddo inherited it.
  • I'm so glad to hear that it's happening to other women. I thought I was going crazy.
  • I asked my doctor about it this morning and she said sometimes they get themselves in weird positions and when they get out of those positions they rub against the wall or their leg or arm shakes and it causes a vibrating feeling but it's nothing bad..
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    I haven't had it recently, but I remember feeling it around 21w (the first time I noticed it was the night we did our reveal cake, otherwise I probably wouldn't remember the exact week).  There was a thread about it back then... https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/comment/87180685#Comment_87180685
  • I have felt this from time-to-time as well. Interesting info that the baby is in a weird position and trying to "shake" loose. Makes sense!
  • I've felt a similar shaking feeling with my LO, too. I've also read that it could be the baby practicing its startle reflex. Whatever it is, it seems perfectly common based on the comments here.
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  • *popping in from lurking*
    It's their nervous system. It's immature and sometimes will shake/vibrate. Sometimes it even feels like their having a seizure. Some infants do it shortly after birth as well. Totally normal.
  • So I saw my OB today she told me it's normal but they don't know exactly the cause. She said it is likely my muscles and not the baby
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