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What can you take for diarrhea?

am I allowed to take Imodium?

Re: What can you take for diarrhea?

  • You really shouldn't ever take anything unless it's an absolute emergency (you're not at home and risk shitting your pants). If you have the runs your body needs to get out whatever is causing it. If you're home I would just focus on getting it out. 
  • Ask your doctor. Mine allows me to take Imodium but I typically don't because like pp said, whatever is in your system needs to run out. Try eating some mild foods like bread rice bananas to help out with the symptoms.

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  • I had a bug earlier this summer thanks to DD. My doctor recommended not taking anything and letting it run its course. I did follow the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). The most important thing when you're pregnant is to make sure you aren't getting dehydrated. I drank sports drinks and mixed with a little water and would take tiny sips. Hopefully it doesn't last too long for you.
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  • Banana for sure. No other fruits or veggies, or taco bell. Try some processed carbs like white bread or boxed pasta to stop you up.
  • I support what all PPs have said. Never take things for diarrhea (preggo or not!), let it get out of your system, it's your body's way of getting bad stuff out. I keep immodium in my purse my whole life so if I'm out of the house and have troubles I can live life and get home okay, but if you're home and near a bathroom, let it run it's course. BRAT diet works, bananas, and tons of water and/or gatorade to replenish and hydrate. If it lasts more than a couple days, contact your doctor it could be an issue.

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  • I have IBS and before I was pregnant I took immodium every day, and was told to by my doctor..... and to answer your question, yes immodium is safe during pregnancy.
  • I had IBS before pregnancy as well
  • @jeoberly immodium is safe. just take it if you need to. I have stopped needing it as my BMs have been former since pregnancy. some days I still have loose stool but for the most part I have gone from 4-6 times a day to once a day or once every second day, it is a huge difference and it's actually nice.
  • If you have IBS and this doesn't go away quickly, I'd see your gastro. I have UC that flares during pregnancy. Supposedly most women see reductions in flares, sometimes permanently, from pregnancy, but it can go the other way.
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