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Ok, I knew it's a bit early, but I'm beginning to think about baby proofing/kids safety stuff. What do you actually need and any specific brand/model recommendations? I have a friend with kids and they have bumpers on the doors and they drive me nuts because you have to take them off to close the door. Is there a better system? I'm imagining something like a soft close door that still lets you close it but would stop squished fingers.

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  • We have a hook and loop attached to the back of our door up top. It's screwed in. This keeps the door open so they can't shut it at all (much like a door stop but out of their reach...the door doesn't move at all).

    Door knob covers come in handy to keep them from opening.

    Outlet covers.

    Baby gates for stairs and other rooms you'd like to keep them out of.
    As far as touching electronics on the media console and whatnot, redirection is your best bet ;)
  • I didn't baby proof until baby was mobile but even then I didn't do much. Baby gates are probably my most important, I have them at the top and bottom of my stairs. Other than this I had bumpers on the edge of our tv stand since it has sharp glass edges and a lock on the window in babys room. DS listens very well so once he was able to get into cabinets I told him no and that was it. We also moved dangerous items out of reach.
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  • We didn't baby proof either until DS was mobile. We put up a baby gate and did the outlet covers. Later we did the cabinet latches in the kitchen and bathroom. (We left the Tupperware cabinet and the towel drawer unlatched so he could safely explore and hang out in the kitchen) That was all we did. I think it depends on the child on what they do and how they listen and react to you.

  • You really don't need to do any baby proofing until baby is moving so I wouldn't even bother buying anything for months. Any that you do beforehand you will just find to be an unnecessary pain in the butt. But the things we really used when it was time was the baby gate to block off stairs, the baby-proof door handle things (that's more toddler but was much needed for some areas), and the outlet covers. I don't think we did/used a single thing else.
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  • I didn't baby proof until I had a crawler. But some sort of hook or lock to keep certain cabinets and drawers shit, door knob covers, electrical outlet covers, possibly toilet locks. If you have stairs or rooms to block off, baby gates.
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  • While I don't think it's necessary to worry about baby proofing yet, please, please, please attach all furniture to the walls. Even dressers that don't seem that high. We had done this in my sons room but hadn't gotten around to the rest of the house and when he was two he went into our room and pulled a dresser down on top of himself. Thankfully we heard him cry and ran to get him out from under him but if he had been in a different position it could have been much worse, even fatal. We learned our lesson that day but I beg all other parents to not make the same mistake we did. Everything gets attached to the wall and never underestimate the determination of a toddler.
  • We didn't baby proof until our oldest was mobile. We really didn't do a whole lot though. Just did the outlet covers, put stuff on certain door knobs, and then closed off our kitchen and stairs with baby gates. Oh and anchoring all big furniture to the walls (dressers, TV stands, book shelves, etc).
  • We too didn't baby proof till DS was crawling. We only did gates at the top of the stairs, outlet covers and locks on the kitchen cabinets that had my heavier pots and pans/glass bake wear in them. I also locked a bathroom cabinet that held our cleaning chemicals in them. Otherwise we focused on redirection as he grew up. He knows not to take all the things off shelves or to touch our entertainment stand. Recently we did put a padlock on our exterior gate to the yard. He has let himself and our dog out into the fenced in backyard twice now---once while my hands were covered in chicken while I watched him an another time when I was flipping the luandry--so if he at least gets into the yard briefly he can't get out of the yard.
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  • For a crawling or floor baby you just need to be overly aware of anything on the floor! The tiniest pieces of randomness they will find and pick up.
    Outlet covers work great but if you have anything plugged in they LoVE cords. I'll look up the covers we have all over our house on outlets with cords and post them here

    Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

    Once they actually start walking you need door stops, baby gates, cupboard and drawer locks, and honestly that's about all we use.

    We have 3 diff kinds of cupboard locks and like them all. I prefer the ones that you can see but renting we can't drill the cupboard and those need screws Dreambaby Sliding Locks, 3 Pack

    We have these door stops.
  • Like most pp said, we didn't baby proof until he was mobile. Before he was born, we did secure all furniture to the wall. But even after he became mobile, the only baby proofing we did were outlet covers, a gate for the stairs, and securing cabinets with cleaning products, batteries and such.
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    Honestly, we put covers on the outlets and a baby gate in front of the kitchen and stairs. We had a pretty open floor plan at the time so I could always see her from where ever I was and the bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room were closed. As long as I knew it would cause serious harm, when it came to other things she shouldn't touch, I'd tell her no, redirect and if she still didn't listen, she just learn the hard way. We have a box full of baby proofing stuff we never used.
  • Other than attaching furniture and cover outlets in the nursery, we didn't even think of baby proofing until DS was mobile.

    At that point we decided based on how we were using our house, what to baby proof. We did our gates on all stairs, but because of how our house is set up we did not baby proof the kitchen at all -as he was never and still has not been alone in the kitchen ever.

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