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Natural cleaning supplies?

Hi ladies. Are any of you using different household cleaning supplies than what you would normally use? I usually use a bleach based bathroom cleaner, but have switched over to an all natural cleaner, however I'm not sure if it's getting my bathroom as clean as the bleach one. Any thoughts or recommendations?

Re: Natural cleaning supplies?

  • Anything I actually touch I use the Honest cleaning products, I've been very happy with them. The caulk around my tub can get moldy though (old house rental) so that I still spray quick with bleach and then leave the bathroom with the window open to avoid fumes. That's about it. 
  • I second the white vinegar if you can handle the smell. 

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    Yes to above, you can google recipes for natural cleaners. I also use Seventh Generation bathroom cleaner & toilet bowl cleaner, Myers Kitchen counter spray, dish soap, and hand soap, cuz I'm obsesed with the lemon verbana and basil scents. Regarding bleach, what @willashbaby said, I do that for the grimey mildew in our rental home bathroom too.
  • I use Method and Honest Co. cleaners.
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  • I make my own cleaners even pre-pregnancy and love it because even when there's not a baby in me I care about the chemicals I'm inhaling too! : ) and it's soooo much cheaper! all purpose cleaner is vinegar and water, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide sprayed one and then the other on top (then wipe), has been studied and proven to kill viruses. I love my homemade window cleaner too, streak free! Pinterest has all sorts of recipes for homemade cleaners, highly recommend!
  • I use the Seventh Generation cleaners. I switched after the BFP. They are decently priced at Target.
  • I use vinegar and citrus peels. I also use Ava Anderson products for most things cleaning and personal care products. Check out can search any type of product and their safety rating (based on harmful Chemicals). But, you know what works best for you :) I've heard lots of good stuff about honest co.
  • Melaluca brand is awesome. Cleans super well, which I love. Smells great. And little ones could literally chug the bottle and would be just fine. I used to tun my nose at "natural" cleaning products, but I used this brand at my in-laws and fell in love.
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