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Cleaning breast pump accessories at work

FTM due in a month and just opened my Medela double breast pump to read the instructions. I realize that the parts need immediate rinse so as not to get milk dry up in there and everything. But if plan to pump at work when I go back, I think I'd be a little self conscious washing that stuff in the office kitchen. I never saw any women do that and it's a little too intimate IMO. How do you deal?

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Re: Cleaning breast pump accessories at work

  • You can buy the wipes they sell and use those. Or put parts in a big Ziploc bag and stick them in an opaque bag and put them in the fridge between pumps. Or buy a 2nd/3rd set of parts so you can just use each set once and wash all when you get home.
  • I put the parts in a ziplock bag after pumping and put them I the fridge with the expresse milk. I do this after each pump. Once at home I soak everything (including the baby's bottles from that day) in hot soapy water then sanitize in a medela microwaveable sterilizing bag. It is a bit of a process but overall the most efficient way I have found. Hope this helps!
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  • So you don't have to rinse off the parts after pumping & before you put them in the fridge?
  • Blaze that pump-rinsing trail, woman! If anyone asks, just tell them it's the latest in latte making technology.

    In all seriousness, it takes about 15 seconds to rinse the flanges and put them in a ziploc bag. You don't need to soap them up until you get home and you can reuse the rinsed flanges during the day.  Some people don't even rinse but I have to - I find that my milk is too sticky and makes the valve flaps stick, preventing milk from dripping into the bottles.
  • Yes. This.

    I rinse (in the office sink) and reuse during the day. At least in my office it's clear that I'm pumping (I have a privacy sign on the door), nobody cares and all I've come into contact with are actively supportive of breastfeeding.
  • I have two sets. I pump twice in the morning and then wash them at lunch. I then use them in the afternoon and wash at home. I have to walk past everyone and down the hall to the break area for a sink. No one would mind, but I think it takes too long. There is a mini fridge I share with another pumping mom in our office area. 
  • I got a cute wet bag from etsy and keep my pump parts in the fridge in that. Makes things more inconspicuous and stylish :)

  • I go back to work in two weeks. I went on amazon and bought a few extra sets of parts so I could wait until I get home to soap them up every day. I got the quick clean wipes to use in the office to save time. Right now I just have the one set and am at home so i do either wash it or stick it in the fridge between uses.
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  • I wash mine in the office kitchen sink and haven't thought twice about it. People know I just had a baby and I am proud to be breastfeeding. If they think it's gross or weird that's on them.
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