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6 week appointment tomorrow- lost baby at 18.5 weeks.

I'm so nervous for my appointment tomorrow. We lost our baby 6 weeks ago and it's my follow up appointment? Do they let me know what went wrong, as I have no idea what happened to my angel. I live in Canada so I'm not too sure if the appointment will be different than the US. My doctor had told me that he thought the placenta stopped working but that was a guess. They test to make sure what happened right? I have my first period since everything and I'm not too sure if it's my hormones but it's like my feelings are back at square one, I feel like I'm getting more depressed after each day when just last week I finally thought things were getting better. Is it possible to get PPD? Sorry for all the questions .. 

Re: 6 week appointment tomorrow- lost baby at 18.5 weeks.

  • I've got my follow up tomorrow as well after giving birth to my son at 16 weeks just over 7 weeks ago. I get my sons autopsy results too. Should be fun. Im hoping for some closure because we should find out if it's genetic or random. Good luck. I'll be thinking of you.

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  • Thank you. I'll be thinking of you also. I'm hoping for some results and some closure as well.
  • I felt the way you do when I got my first period. It was kind of a final slap after everything I had went through. I had all these mixed emotions and hormones of coarse. It definitely made me sad though because it was such "wow you are really not pregnant" moment. I never got any real closure on what happened to my baby and I still long for some kind of answer to explain it. I hope you are able to get that tomorrow.
  • Thank you. We found out what happened, blood clot formed in the placenta and that caused no blood flow to the baby.
  • I am glad you got an answer. Although I am sure that doesn't really make it any better. Hope you can get some closure. (Hugs)
  • Glad you got some answers. Did your doctor say why it happened, anything you can do to prevent? Or the likelihood that it can happen again? Again, sorry for your loss.
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