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How long did u labor for w/ baby #1?


Re: How long did u labor for w/ baby #1?

  • 15 hours. I was dilated at 1cm for a week before that though. My water broke and 15 hours later I pushed for 10 minutes.
  • I actively pushed for I think about 1.5 hours, but had pain and contractions for more than 10 hours beforehand. I feel like all in all, I had a very easy labor.


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  • I laboured at home the day prior because I wasn't dilated enough. Once I went back to the hospital the following morning it was 9 hours total.
  • All together, 18 hours. Painful labor would have been about 12 hours, but I got an epidural a few hours before I delivered. I pushed for 12 min.
  • 3 days!!!! Gotta love back labor
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  • 26 hours at 40 weeks
  • 24 hours exactly, literally to the minute. Was 39 weeks. Went into labor naturally and water broke naturally
  • about 12 hours, water broke around 1am and he was born a little after 1pm - you should have plenty of time to make it to the hospital :)
  • Water breaking brought on labor. From it breaking till she made her arrival was 11hrs and 51 mins.
  • I labored for 44 hours from the time contractions started to the time that DD was born. My water didn't break on its own so and DD was facing the wrong way so i hardly felt any contractions in the front but instead felt everything in my back. It was about 32 hours of back labor before I was dilated enough for the hospital to admit me (i tried going in 2 times before that and then they sent me home because i was on 3m). When they did let admit me it was about 10 more hours of labor and then 18 minutes of actual pushing. This was at 40 weeks 5 days. 

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  • From everything I've read and hear, labors vary wildly and there is absolutely no way to tell how long yours will be unfortunately. It might be slightly more likely for you to be similar to your female relatives (mom, sisters, aunts) but certainly not a guarantee. Is there a reason you are going to a hospital so far away? Are you more concerned about not getting there in time, or about getting there too early and either getting sent home or getting maybe unwanted interventions from being there so early? I do think there is a correlation with early hospital arrival and high rates of intervention, so if that is something you do not want I think the hotel idea might be a great one, head to the hotel super close to the hospital as soon as you have contractions and stay there until the dr tells you to come in (contractions 3-5 mins apart or whatever criteria they have). That way if you get 'sent home' it won't be so tramatic too (although I bet woth that drive they wouldn't send you home).
  • I was induced and they broke my water at 5pm.  Started having contractions at 9:30pm, started pushing around 1:00am and DS arrived at 2:20am
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  • I was induced with all my 3.....

    Baby 1. Overdue - 6&1/2 from 1st contraction until baby arrived - about an hour of pushing (I think).

    Baby 2. Waters broke & no contractions so induced with gel alone. 4 & 1/2 hours from start to finish. Would have only been 2 & 1/2 if he wasn't stuck for 2 hours! Back to back - v. Painful.

    Baby 3. Overdue - 6 hours from start to finish but was stuck for an hour or so also and presenting facing my leg! I also have a 7&1/2 year age gap between child 2 & 3 so they say it can be unpredictable.

    I am expecting to go over due with this one too. Hoping for a swift couple of hours though this time lol
  • My Drs were threatening induction so as a last resort I had my membranes swiped, which is 50% effective, for me it worked! I had irregular contractions immediately after all day, starting around 5pm started getting a little more intense, and 11pm-2am started timing, moderate pain, then 5am they were 2-3 minutes apart. We headed to hospital and I felt more relaxed esp when they said I was at 7cm. So transition from 7cm-10cm was the most difficult and I did that in 3 hours. I pushed for 40 minutes.
  • 8 hours from water break. I was induced at 41+2 weeks
  • I was induced at 38 weeks because my husband was leaving for Japan. I was in labor with her for 12 hours and the doctor said that we need to do an emergency C-section because I was squeezing her head like a peanut. So I had to have a C-section after 12 hours of labor pains. I'm a candidate for V-bac but I'm not sure if I want to do that in case of The possibility of having another emergency C-section....
  • 2 1/2 hrs from start to finish with no epidural. I'm a pediatric resident and will be in the ER the month of my due date. I've already told the attendings to brush up on their OB skills!
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  • Okay I feel better reading other mama's experiences. I labored roughly 40 hrs with DD. I'm really hoping this time is shorter.
  • My water broke at some point while I was sleeping but I didn't know that it was my water. I was after all SLEEPING ;) Just felt a lot of back pain with waves. Silly me didn't know it was labor. After 23 hours, I had a heart attack. Then it was emergency time. Not a fun time at all. This time I am scheduled.
  • 9 hours from first contraction to delivery.

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  • 64 hours. Pushed for 30 mins
  • 24 hours or labor and pushed for the last 3 of those hours.
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