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How long did u labor for w/ baby #1?

Question for all those experienced mamas out there. How long did you labor for the first time? I have a two hour drive to the hospital I'm set to deliver at, just want to be sure I'm there early enough.

Re: How long did u labor for w/ baby #1?

  • 20 hours from the time I first had contractions to delivery. I was sent home the first time because I was not dialated enough even though my contractions were 3-5 min apart.
    I would ask your dr when he/she thinks you should drive in based on how far away you are. Everyone's experience is different.
    That long of a drive would make me nervous!
  • Ds was really quick....he came at 36 1/2 weeks and my whole labor was 3.5 hours....we had a 30 minute drive to the hospital and barely made it in time lol
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  • I had contractions on and off for weeks that lasted a few hours and then stopped. I was dilated 3 cm starting at 37 weeks. My water broke at 40 weeks, 6 days and I started having contractions consistently at 7 pm that night, I had the baby by 7 am the next morning.
  • 21 hours from when my water broke until it was decided that DS was stuck and I ended up with a c-section. I was 1 week before my due date.
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  • 9 hours from the time my water started to break until he was born.
  • I was induced and labor was 18 hours before I went in for a c section. It was 15 hours before I was ready to push.
  • I laboured 6 hours pushed for 2.5, if my DD did not get stuck and need to be vacuum assisted I would have only pushed about twenty minutes.
  • Forever!!! :) I was induced with my first, after 24 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing I had a c-section. With my second, I had a VBAC, only 7 hours of labor with her.
  • 23 hours all together for everything. It would have been sooner, but I dialated to 6cm and I got stuck there for a couple hours.
  • 22 hours from the time I had my first contractions.

    7 hours from the time my water broke.

    I honestly didn't feel like it was that bad at all until about an hour before I went to the hospital, about two hours before my water broke
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  • I honestly couldn't tell you how long I actually "labored", just that I woke spotting at 4am and went in to the hospital at 6:30am. I was not experiencing contractions, but then held me for high blood pressure. DD arrived around 10:45pm. I can tell you that it was at least a few hours that I was having contractions, but the doc had to break my water and 3 pushes later I had a baby. Honestly, the experience is so different for everyone, at the first sign of possible labor I would head to the hospital. That way you didn't waste any time, and if they want you to leave and come back, you can head to a local mall or park to walk around for a while so that you're very near the hospital should anything happen.
  • I was having contractions for about a week before I actually went into labor. (Had no clue they were contractions. Just throught DD was pushing against my belly) Once my water broke it was 13.5 hrs start to finish.
  • 4 hours from first contraction.
  • 8 hours I suppose, but I had contractions for weeks. It took 3 hours to go from 9 cm to having baby out and 1 1/2 hours of that was pushing.
  • A little over 5 hours. I received cervadil at 830pm, and at 1030pm I woke up with contractions and my water broke. By 315am I started pushing and at 333am baby had arrived! My doctor said that was abnormal for an induction for cervadil. He had expected me to go into labor the next morning after removing the cervical around 5/6am.

  • 7.5 hours. Water broke at church, in public, at my own baby shower at 7:30pm. By 8:30, we were checked into the hospital & were moved to triage. By 11:30, I was full dilated and ready to push. Baby girl was born at 3:04am :) it was fast & makes me nervous for this one!
  • I went in for my scheduled doctor appointment at 4:30 pm with nothing going on. I was 38 weeks on the dot. I started having contractions that evening but nothing that bad. Went to hospital at 11:00pm and was sent home at 2:00 am bc I did not progress at all the entire 3 hours. My water broke at 5am and I ended up having my daughter at 7:02am.



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  • 26 hours from starting to feel consistent contractions to delivery. I pushed for an hour and a half.
  • I had very fast deliveries. With my first only about 2 hours. I pushed twice and he came out. My other two were the same.
  • 19 hours. If your water breaks the doctor will probably tell you when to come in.
  • I felt my first contraction at 4am, delivered at 10am, so 6 hours. I'm sure you will have plenty of time :) Apoarently the average for first time mom's in 1cm every 2 hours, so 20 hours.
  • 14 hours from water breaking, which started my contractions. My drive was about 40 minutes, which I expected to be awful, but it was completely fine.

    Have you read any books about labor? While my labor started with active labor, that's not the norm. Most likely you'll have irregular contractions that aren't dialating your cervix for hours or even days before active labor begins. If you haven't, I'd suggest you read up or take a class or something so you'll get a better idea of the progression of labor. Another option if you don't want to get to the hospital too late OR too early is to find a comfortable hotel near the hospital and go there right when labor starts.
  • 42 hours. Ended in c-section. I'm still traumatized. This one will be a scheduled c-section.
  • 26 hours from when my water broke I started pushing. 20 minutes later he was here.
  • 10 hours... I think. I didn't feel very good for a while but I figure it was what I ate for dinner. We now know that that was the beginning of labor but since I don't feel any contractions we don't have an exact time it started. Luckily by the time I got to the hospital I was dialated 5 cm with back to back contractions so I got my epi right away. 2 hours of pushing though :(. I thought the pushing would be easier.
  • I was in pre labor for a week. Contractions that were not progressive and not dilating me past 1cm. The last day of pre labor I lost my mucus plug. Then, that evening, at 10pm contractions were able to be timed. At midnight, still only 2cm. At 1:30am water broke. At 2:45am I felt I had to push. 20 minutes of pushing, and he was here. Active labor time = 5 hours. I am wondering how I will do this time around, because I now have an hour drive to the hospital. Before, it was 10 minutes away.
  • 20hours from when my water broke. Pushed for almost 4 hours! Thank goodness my second was faster!!
  • 10h15m from the time my water was broken to birth. I dilated quickly, but pushed for 3.5hrs. I had to have an overnight cytotec induction after making it to 41w5d so really it was a lot longer, but not if you don't count the overnight part.
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  • I had contractions for 2 weeks prior. I was 3cm dilated for over a week. My water broke at 945pm and I had DD at 944am. It would have been faster but I was too numb from the epi so we had to wait 2 hours for it to wear off a bit.
  • My water broke before I ever had contractions. It was about 20 hours from the time my water broke until DS was born. That was one day past my due date.
  • zg49zg49 member
    From the time contractions started, it was 43 hours. We went in Friday AM but wasn't dilated very much and contractions were just over 5 mins a part. Went back Friday night and got admitted into the hospital. They broke my water at 7am Saturday and DD finally came out at 730pm. This time I will definitely wait a little longer before we go in but I was nervous with my first time. 

  • My water broke before I ever had a contraction (which isn't common). Went to the hospital at 2, started to feel contractions at 3. Baby was born at 8.
  • My water broke at 2 pm but I never had any contractions on my own the following day at about 10 am I received pitocen had contractions stopped the pitocen no contractions restarted finally got to the pushing stage I pushed for over 2 hours my daughter was born at 4:44 pm so 26 and a half hours
  • I had a random contraction on Sunday night. Only one.. completely random. On Monday as soon as I woke up I was contracting every seven minutes. All day seven minutes apart. Went out to dinner, went shopping, still seven minutes apart but getting stronger. Stayed in town where the hospital is (30 minutes from home) until 1a. Still no closer than seven minutes. Went home, kept track, didn't sleep a wink, grabbed the hubbys hand and couldn't breathe at 3am. Found out they inched closer together and were then at five minutes apart. Registered at 4am, dilated to 4cm, contractions actually three minutes apart, and we were admitted. They broke my water. I had DD at 1508.

    So, Monday 9a-ish to Tuesday 308pm.
    Approx 30hrs from normal contractions to birth.
  • Mine was 12 hours from the time I started having contractions to the time she was born. Pretty text book the docs said!
  • J3spJ3sp member
    Just shy of 4 hours after my water broke.
  • 24 hours. Pushed for 2.
  • 12 hours from start to finish and I only pushed for 40 mins if that.
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  • I was induced and mine lasted 12hrs
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